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How to Budget in Sydney

Carlie Kidd | July.26.2017

So you’re heading to Sydney for your internship, how exciting! I used to be a Sydneysider myself before becoming an Admissions Counselor for GE, and from my experience I'm here to help make sure that your budget doesn't go down under!

The Top 5 Cities for Marketing Internships

Kristi Philius | July.24.2017

If there is any industry that is undeniably international, it’s marketing! One of the most fascinating things about traveling is having the opportunity to see advertisements for brands you are familiar with in other countries, and discovering the differences in how they brand themselves to different cultures.

The 6 Top Cities for your Fashion Internship

Lauren Plug | May.30.2017
Every fashion student dreams of one day living and working in one of the world’s top fashion capitals. Can you see yourself sitting in a cafe in Paris, sketching the street style in your treasured notebook. Or perhaps walking the streets of the Quadrilatero d’Oro in Milan, watching the who’s who of fashion parade the streets during the spring and fall fashion shows. Maybe London is more your style with fast, futuristic designs and the glitz and glamor of this timeless city. Some prefer the body conscious, fashion forward beach wear of Sydney and learning about a totally new fashion style. 

Interning in Australia | Hospitality Management Internship

Kelly Holland | October.11.2016

Tess Tanuis is a Hospitality Management: Event Management major from Kansas State University who interned with Global Experiences in Spring 2016 in Sydney, Australia.

Read on to learn more about her experience!

Going "On Country" in Australia - Law in Sydney

Meghan Tankersley | February.16.2016

In my line of work in Australia the big deal is going "on country". We are a law firm that works with Aboriginal groups to gain native title over their land. Native title doesn't give the group ownership rights, but it does give them the right to negotiate with mining companies and the State. The groups can negotiate issues of cultural heritage and royalties from mining operations, to name a few.

Why Interning in Sydney was the Best Decision

Meghan Tankersley | May.01.2014

Ben completed an internship in Sydney, Australia in the summer of 2013. Below is an interview between Ben and Meghan about his internship, life in Sydney, and  thoughts about Global Experiences. 

Jess Taleff, a senior studying Music Business and Technology at Millersville University, is currently interning abroad in Sydney, Australia.  When asked about her experience so far by a student interested in joining the program, she had the following to say:

5 Free Things To Do in Sydney, Australia

Meghan Tankersley | January.20.2014


Situated between the scenic Blue Mountains and the sandy beaches of Tasman Sea, Sydney is a gorgeous metropolis. This sought after destination has a temperate climate year-round makes it the perfect place to gain professional experience while escaping from the cold winters or the humid summers of home. Due to all of that lovely weather there are some great places to explore in the Emerald City that won’t cost you a thing no matter when you decide to go!

Updates from Intern Chandi in Sydney

Meghan Tankersley | November.12.2013

Below is an email written by marketing intern Chandi to Program Consultant Harrison about her internship abroad experience in Sydney this fall. Chandi is currently interning for a fashion company that designs and manufactures womenswear. Her internship tasks include blogging, assisting with creating marketing materials, and managing social media outlets.  Check out the Global Experiences website to see how you too can do an internship in Australia! 

Letter from Sydney Alumnus

Meghan Tankersley | October.16.2013

Chris completed an internship in a law firm in Sydney, Australia in the summer of 2012. Below is a letter that he wrote to Global Experiences about his international internship experience. Chris is currently continuing to pursue his law degree at Hofstra University: School of Law. 

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