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Global Experiences makes the process of living and interning abroad simple. Review our program details, apply, and interview with our admissions team. We offer a 100% guaranteed placement once you are accepted into the program and help you to prepare for life abroad.

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  • Sabine
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    My internship program in Washington, D.C. has completely changed my perspective on things and I feel like I really grew up. I'm confident that this will help me advance in the next stage of my career back in Canada.

    Sabine D.

    Journalism  — Algonquin College

  • Ben
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    I worked with a 10-person marketing team and got a lot of responsibility handling social media marketing and managing accounts. My favorite part was feeling like an Australian and getting to know the whole city of Sydney. The whole experience was awesome. The people were great. I’m glad I did it.

    Ben M.

    Marketing — Penn State University

  • Abigail
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    I absolutely loved my internship! Global Experiences definitely did a great job of organizing everything for us while we're here.

    Abigail H.

    Art Galleries — Dartmouth College

  • Cassandra
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    My apartment, my roommates from all over world and my internship were all perfect for me. I recommend that everyone takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Florence has been life changing!

    Cassandra S.

    Event Planning — SUNY Brockport

  • Simone
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    I've had the best summer of my life and so happy for all the wonderful people I've meet. So glad I took this opportunity to be "globally experienced".

    Simone L.

    NGO's/Nonprofits — University of Texas

  • Samantha
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    I loved my time in Florence and the Global Experiences program. I really liked how each person's experience is tailored to the individual and their strengths. 

    Samantha B.

    Fashion Business — IADT School of Design

  • Vince
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    Global Experiences did a great job with team building and getting people together. My favorite part of the entire experience was getting to know the other interns on the program and having a sense of community throughout the entire time we were in Dublin.

    Vince M.

    Media/Telecommunications — Penn State University

  • Jamie
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    My experience in Australia was beyond my expectations. The internship and friendships will be everlasting.

    Jamie K.

    Psychology — University of California-Irvine

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We're committed to making international internships a possibility for all students. 
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Michigan State University
Florida State University
University of Illinois
Kings College London
The University of Mississippi
The State University of New York
University of Texas A&M
University of Southern California
The University of New South Wales
University of Georgia

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Global Experiences believes that every student has their own strengths and that by focusing on self-awareness and one-on-one development everyone can find a career that they love.  Through our unique partnership with Gallup Education, Global Experiences has build an award winning career readiness program that integrates the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment into our preparation, placements, and on the ground training for our students.

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