Planning ahead for 2018 not only makes the process easier, but more fun as well! An internship abroad ensures you stand out from your peers and your newfound cultural competency proves to future employers that you're a valuable asset to the workplace.

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  • 1. First to be presented to employers to secure a competitive internship. It's first come first serve!
  • 2. Small monthly payments with our auto pay plan.
  • 3. Have a plan for your summer - no extra stress during the school year.
  • 4. Lock in 2017 pricing before 2018 prices are posted. Prices only go up!
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What Alumni Had to Say:

Benito after watching a soccer game

What an experience!! I was a bit reluctant when I signed up for the London program, but Global Experience made it so easier and simple for me to navigate all the steps. All of this would have not been possible without all the GE coordinators that were here to guide us through the whole journey. 10/10 would recommend this program.

Benito K.

Iowa State University - Finance

Ryan relaxing in Barcelona

When I interned in Barcelona through the Global Experiences program the world opened up- it was like living in paradise and having the most fun of my entire life. With GE there were only positives and 100 percent I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone who wants to have a truly amazing experience.

Ryan R.

Aurora University - Business

Julia loving her internship in Sydney

I had the most amazing experience in Sydney through Global Experiences. I worked on unique projects and had extraordinary responsibilities during my internship that definitely helped me grow and develop and gain a sense of what it is like to be a part of the working world rather than just a student in school.

Julia S.

          Princeton University - Marketing

Bryanna exploring Milan

Milan is a beautiful place to live, explore, and cherish, but what makes it an even better experience is attending the program through Global Experiences. Join this program and have the time of your life in Milan. It will grow you, work you, and open up your eyes to all the amazing possibilities that lie ahead. I promise you won't regret a single bit.

Bryanna W.

 University of Southern California - Fashion Business

Fiona during a Dublin daytrip

Completing a twelve week internship with a film production company in Dublin, Ireland has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life both personally and professionally. I would absolutely recommend the experience of going abroad.

Fiona M.

  Bellarmine University - Film/Video Production

Alexandria enjoying her time in Italy

I only have a few days left with my internship here in Florence, Italy, and I could not be more proud and surprised at what I have been able to accomplish in just 8 weeks. This internship has really pushed me past my comfort zone in the best way possible. And if you are thinking about interning abroad, do it! Just try! It has been one of my best decisions I've made ever!

Alexandria H.

 University of Arkansas - Interior Design

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Starting in 2020, Global Experiences will be purchasing carbon credits in a variety of alternative energy, reforestation, and biodiversity projects in critical regions of the world to neutralize international roundtrip flights for all intern participants and staff. What this means is that if you do choose to intern abroad with us, you are making a more sustainable choice.


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