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Are the internships paid?

As with many internships, the vast majority of our internship placements are unpaid. We look for opportunities that allow our interns to gain the best possible experience while adhering to local laws and visa restrictions. If an employer offers you a stipend or other form of compensation you are welcome to accept it.

Why should I consider interning with Global Experiences?

Interning abroad is an amazing opportunity to travel and gain practical work experience. Our team is passionate about providing you with individual attention, career development, and the resources you will need to succeed in your internship and your future career.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

In order to begin the process of finding you the right internship placement, we need to assure our host employers that you are a serious candidate. After applying for an internship, our program deposit secures your place in our program so we can begin working on the placement process.

When should I apply?

Applications for all programs are taken on a rolling basis. There are often limited placements in popular fields so we recommend people apply and make their program deposit as soon as possible to get the placement process started early. Program deadlines indicate the last date we can accept participants for that season which is usually based on accommodation availability and visa deadlines.

What is included in the program tuition?

Each Global Experiences program tuition includes a guaranteed internship, housing, personalized career development including access to the StrengthsFinder® assessment, pre-departure and visa assistance from a Program Advisor, support from local staff in each host city, social events, and medical/travel insurance.

What is not included in the program tuition?

The program tuition does not include airfare, transportation costs within the city, visa costs (where applicable), and any personal expenses.

Do I need to be a current student?

It depends on the location. While some visa's require you to be a currently enrolled university student or have graduated within a year, there is no education requirement for the program. Check out the Eligibility section of each location to learn more about the specific eligibility requirements for your desired location.

Is there an age limit to be eligible to participate in a program?

You must be 18 years or older and have some university coursework completed. 

Will I have free time during my program?

Yes! Outside of your internship hours, your nights and weekends belong to you. You are free to explore your host city, country, and continent, as you’d like. Global Experiences also offers planned social events and excursions on weekends and evenings. We encourage all of our participants to fully embrace all that each city has to offer and travel as much as possible during their free time.

Will my host employer offer me a job?

We have had interns who were offered full-time employment upon completion of their internship. This would be entirely up to the placement company and would be organized directly with you, as Global Experiences does not facilitate full-time employment beyond the internships. However, most do make excellent contacts while interning abroad that help open doors to future employment.

Is the application process competitive?

Yes, we often have limited placements available in a given career field or location. We encourage you to apply and enroll early so we have time to assist you with the visa process (where needed) and find the best possible internship placement for you.

Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen to participate in a program?

No, you do not need to be a U.S.citizen to participate in a Global Experiences internship program. However, each location has different visa requirements and restrictions. For more details visit the eligibility page for each location.

What is GE Virtuoso?

GE Virtuoso is a new international internship product from the market-leading internship brand Global Experiences. Virtuoso blends GE's classic intern abroad program quality with a digital connection to an internationally based employer.

Is a virtual internship worth it?

We think it is! The success of a virtual international internship lies in the hands of the intern. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight your ability to manage your schedule and prioritize tasks for an international employer. As a GE virtual intern, you will learn how to effectively speak to future employers about what you've learned and the skills you've gained during your virtual international internship.

I am a Parent

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Also, check out our parents page for more information.

Where is the housing?

The housing will differ for each location ranging from shared apartments to student dorms. We provide housing that is secure and as centrally located within the city as possible.

Will my child be safe?

We prepare interns for their time in their host city through pre-departure webinars and discussions about safety. We also guarantee 24/7 logistical, medical, and legal support through a dedicated team of on-location staff.

Who will my child be working for?

Global Experiences takes great pride in the quality of internships that we are able to provide our participants. We take the time to get to know our interns and find them internships that will fit the needs of their career goals and interests. We will not know what company your child will be interning for until after he or she has enrolled and gone through our extensive career development process and completed an interview with a potential employer.

What will my child be doing in their internship?

Each internship is customized to each person; meaning your child may do different tasks than an intern who held that same internship the year before. Most internships will be 30-40 hours a week and will include hands-on responsibilities. Visit the examples of internships for an idea of what the typical responsibilities are for an intern within a specific industry.

Are the employers paid to take on an intern from Global Experiences?

No, we do not pay our host employers. The companies and partners we work with agree to take interns from Global Experiences because they know our company will help them find a qualified, hard-working intern to join their team for the Summer, Spring, or Fall.

What is not included in the program tuition?

The program tuition does not include airfare, transportation costs within the city, visa costs (where applicable), and any personal expenses.

Will my child be offered a job after the internship ends?

Some interns have been offered full-time foreign job opportunities after the internship ends, but hiring is completely up to the employer. Global Experiences is only responsible for the internship and does not facilitate full-time employment.

What if something happens before the beginning of the program and my child cannot make it on the program–will we get our money back?

The initial enrollment deposit is non-refundable, and we have a refund policy in place for the other funds for the program. The timing of when the cancellation occurs before the program start date will determine how much money we are able to refund or transfer to a future program. If funds have been paid out for program costs like housing or insurance, those funds will most likely not be recuperated. Please speak with a Program Consultant or Program Advisor for more information.

Why are the internships unpaid?

Our goal is to find the best possible internship placements that will provide our participants with real-world responsibilities and the skills they will need for the future. We do not want to sacrifice the quality of the internship by only finding paid placements in these cities. We also must follow the legal regulations for visas in each of our host cities.

When will we know the name of the company that my child is interning for?

Your Program Advisor will contact your child when a company has expressed interest in interviewing the candidate. Participants must go through the career development process with a Program Advisor prior to interviewing with companies. Interviews can place as early as five months prior to the internship start date.

Is a virtual internship legitimate?

Yes. Global Experiences works with employers in our host network, who also host our interns on location. They are international businesses who know our model and are familiar with hosting our interns. Employers and interns will work together remotely, via video conferencing, email, and chat to accomplish projects and tasks together. Similar to our on-location internships, Global Experience staff conduct a virtual site visit with employer and student and check in on both parties throughout the experience.

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