Global Experiences Alumni Networks

    As a Global Experiences alumni, you are now part of a network of over 4,000 ambitious and globally-focused students and young professionals. We offer a few ways for you to connect to your like-minded peers and for you to stay updated with Global Experiences.

    The easiest way to connect a network of thousands of international students and young professionals is through social networking. We have a LinkedIn group exclusively for Global Experiences alumni where you can connect with other alumni as well as see posts about career development, networking, and job opportunities.

    If you are ever in the Annapolis area, or living in any of host locations, let us know so we can connect with you in person too! To keep in touch email us at

    Alumni Assistant

    For our outstanding alumni we offer the opportunity to complete another Global Experiences internship program or study abroad program during the summer including internship placement, housing, and social events at a reduced cost. The Alumni Assistant position is designed to assist the Location Coordinator. This person will encourage personal, professional and cultural development of the interns while supporting the Location Coordinator with social events and participant engagement.


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