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Advocate for International Internships as an Alumni Ambassador

Global Experience Ambassadors are cross-cultural champions advocating for international travel and education at their respective universities. After completing one of our internships abroad, applicants are selected to represent our program and services back home for a minimum of 1 semester.

What do Ambassadors do:   
  • Serve as a reference for students interested in interning abroad   
  • Organize public events and presentations
  • Blog about the cultures and experiences
  • Leverage professional and academic networks
  • Volunteer at study abroad & career fairs with GE staff
Global Experiences Alumni Community

Global Experiences Alumni Ambassadors


Savannah Sinowitz

Savannah is a fourth-year architecture student at Texas A&M University. She says the experience of interning in London during the spring semester of her junior year was the best choice she could have ever made for her education. Back at school, she dedicates most of her free time to her sorority, where she serves as the Vice President of Recruitment, and an organization called BUILD which unites the student body through the construction of mobile medical clinics to be sent to global communities without access to medical care.

Caroline Alumni Ambassador

Caroline Muehlbronner

Caroline is a senior Media Studies & Production and Environmental Studies double major at Temple University. This past summer Caroline interned in San José, Costa Rica, through Global Experiences at the Centro Cientifíco Tropical (Tropical Science Center) as part of the communications team. During her internship, Caroline interviewed various subjects within NGO - a project aimed to help internal communication and strengthen the bond between locations! I went not knowing anybody, so this experience definitely taught me how to be even more adaptable and confident with myself (as well as make new friends!). My time in Costa Rica really aided my personal and professional growth. As an ambassador, I want to encourage other students to take advantage of travel opportunities because it opens so many doors!


Student Rating from

GoOverseas rating
  • Siddhi
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    review stars icon

    I LOVED London! I originally wanted to go to Florence, but looking at the economy I decided that London was a better fit for what I wanted to do. I knew that London was a city that I could gain some experience personally and professionally-and it was great. I did some traveling to Prague, Florence and Greece too. My internship was great, but it was a lot of work. The experience taught me how to work with different types of personalities and management styles. I learned how to balance daily life and work life too..


    Field: Finance/Economics

  • kelly
    quote icon
    review stars icon

    Throughout my life I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Ireland, so when I found out I could get an internship and live there for a summer I did everything I could to make it happen. It's a great place to be and I felt at home almost immediately after my arrival. I worked for a super cool startup based in Dublin's docklands. It's a fantastic city to get lost in, you'll always find something wonderful along the way. Also, get ready for the Irish sense of humor. It's golden.


    Field: Advertising / Marketing / PR

  • Malissa
    quote icon
    review stars icon

    Global Experiences has given me a wonderful addition to my resume while providing me with real work experience and a life changing trip.


    Field: Event Planning

  • Mohammad
    quote icon
    review stars icon

    It was a resume booster, and will help me land a full time job. The program was really well organized, and I think the pre-screen interview process for interns to get into the program is great. All of the interns were like minded-fun and hard workers.” I was very hesitant at first with the price. Since I'm an international student I knew I needed as much experience as possible so I decided to go. The structure of the program was fantastic.


    Field: Finance/Economics

  • Gracie
    quote icon
    review stars icon

    y internship was easily the most meaningful in my life. The research I completed goes further than a single line on my resume; the experience has made so many unobtainable professional opportunities available. I can definitively say that I would not be in my current professional status if it were not for the work that I created under the guidance of [my supervisor].


    Field: Environmental Science

  • Hannah
    quote icon
    review stars icon

    The team is such an impressive and inspiring group of people, and I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with them.


    Field: NGO / Charity

  • Stephanie
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    review stars icon

    It was a fun challenge, and a big part of the learning experience, to learn how to communicate effectively and successfully. Advice for future interns: Biggest thing is to keep an open mind. Don't be afraid to put yourself in uncomfortable situations because they will open doors for you in the future. Opening your mind to the way that other people live their lives is a huge part of this kind of experience.


    Field: Advertising/Marketing/PR

  • Kaitlin
    quote icon
    review stars icon

    I LOVED London! I originally wanted to go to Florence, but looking at the economy I decided that London was a better fit for what I wanted to do. My internship was great, but it was a lot of work. The experience taught me how to work with different types of personalities and management styles.

    Kaitlin Haley

    Field: Art / Museums / Galleries

  • Andrew
    quote icon
    review stars icon

    I did a lot of things in my internship. I acted as unofficial translator and would help translate documents and conversations from Italian to English. I even got to settle a case over the phone with an English speaking client. The entire group that I went with really made the experience great too. It wouldn't have been as much fun without them.


    Field: Law / Legal

  • Sam
    quote icon
    review stars icon

    I loved my time in Florence and the Global Experiences program. I really liked how each person's experience is tailored to the individual and their strengths. The other interns on the program were a really fun and diverse group to spend time with. he internship was really helpful in landing my new job and I know that it has benefited my career. I just got hired to work for a custom men's wear company, but eventually, I'd like to open up my own studio.


    Field: Fashion Design

  • Blake
    quote icon
    review stars icon

    The experience I had in Washington D.C. courtesy of GE, was one that I will not forget. The experience that we were presented is one that eclipsed my hopes going into the program. The group activities that were planned, the availability of GE contacts if we needed something, and of course, our internships, were what made this past summer so unforgettable.


    Field: Government/Politics

  • Karley
    quote icon
    review stars icon

    I think it the experience in London helped me get my initial foot in the door. During my time in London I did a lot of networking and it was key. I definitely got showcase my talent and I learned a lot as well.


    Field: Hospitality/Travel/Tourism

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