Policies & Updates for 2021 Programs

With the situation constantly changing around us, Global Experiences is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19, and its impact on global mobility. During these uncertain times, the safety of our participants is our primary concern. We are pleased to provide the following framework to help participants, parents, and universities proceed with confidence.

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Updated Program Information for 2021 On-Location Programs

We are looking forward to having participants on the ground participating for the Spring 2021 season. We will continually evaluate the feasibility of program operations so if you have questions about where are programs are running or program start and end dates, please continue to consult the following: Global Experiences Dates and Fees.

Is Spring study/intern abroad even possible? 

Absolutely. Our entire team is dedicated to organizing safe and life-changing opportunities for anyone wishing to participate in our programs. Colleagues in the US and overseas are in continual communication discussing program viability. We appreciate the enthusiasm that students have for 2021 and mirror it with our own. 

We are working hand in hand with partners such as overseas universities, housing providers, visa processors, host employers, excursion providers to adhere to all location and country-specific COVID-19 regulations. The changeable nature of the regulations necessitates a higher-level of responsibility from our team but also from our participants as well. Please visit our Health & Safety page for the latest on these efforts. 

What happens if a participant withdraws before the program starts? 

We realize that there is much concern regarding 2021 programming as country-specific COVID-19 policies continue to evolveThe decision to make financial commitment during this time is one we want you to feel comfortable with.  

Updated Withdrawal Policy

  1. All deposits are non-refundable as they fund core services related to the program. Some of these services include, but are not necessarily limited to: admissions counseling, CliftonStrengths assessment and coaching, program advising, professional document revision, work put in by the GE placement team, interview preparation, and access to professional and program resources through the online portal. 

  2. Should a participant choose to withdraw from their program, eligibility for a refund and the amount of the eligible refund will be determined based on the format outlined below.

Timeline for Student Withdrawals from a GE Program 

If a student withdraws


More than 60 days before program start 

100% refund (less deposit) 

Between 30 and 60 days program start 

50% refund (less deposit) 

Within 30 days of program start 

Recoverable costs only (less deposit) 


Is there a chance that Spring 2021 programs will be cancelled? 

We are hoping that all our listed Spring 2021 programs will run as we’ve selected locations we feel most confident will offer our students a safe and rewarding experience. However, we may make changes or may have to cancel programs after students have enrolled. 

Please keep in mind that certain costs like the GE enrollment deposit are always non-refundable. Depending on when the participant withdrawal occurs recoverable costs may be able to be returned.

If GE cancels a program, will I receive a refund for my payments?  

Different than if a student withdraws, circumstances may dictate that we cancel a program in a certain location.  

  1. Should GE cancel a program prior to departure for reasons within its control (including due to lack of enrollment), participants will be notified and options include options moving to another program location, receiving credit towards another program or a full refund (including deposit.) This is the only unique situation where a non-refundable deposit can be returned.

  2. Should GE cancel a program (including once the program has started) for reasons beyond its control including but not limited to Acts of God, government actions (including those restricting travel), pandemics, fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, or other natural forces, war, civil unrest, accident, terrorism, any strike or labor disturbance, or any other event similar to those enumerated above (a “Force Majeure” Event) participants will receive no refund except for recoverable costs.

Recoverable costs may include, but not are not limited to program fees (including tuition), housing, social/cultural activities/ excursions, safety and security and administrative cost, or organized flights. Most of these costs are paid before the start of the program are not typically recoverable. In the event of cancellation GE will endeavor to obtain refunds from suppliers and pass any recovered costs on to the participant.

What happens if a participant decides to leave the program once it has started?  

Students choosing to leave the program early for personal or other reasons are not entitled to any refund. Completion of academic credit will be determined on a case by case basis. Students dismissed for disciplinary reasons receive no refunds of any kind and forfeit all academic credit. 

There are no refunds for meals, accommodation, cultural activities/excursions, tuition or transportation missed by students for any other reasons other than those listed above once the program has started. 

What other options do I have if my program gets cancelled?  

If your program is cancelled prior to it starting you can work with your advisor counselor to determine what the best path forward is. You have the ability to:  

  • Change location in the case where one or a few locations are closed but others remain open for the same program time period 
  • Change programs to a different date or season – so if your spring program was cancelled you can move to a summer, fall or even next summer program 
  • Participate in a virtual internship
  • Request a refund of your fees (less deposits or any other costs) 

What insurance is available? 

All participants on our program are covered by a very robust Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) travel and medical insurance as part of their program inclusions. There is no extra cost for this coverage. CISI has published a list of frequently asked questions related to COVID-19 that may be useful to you.

When abroad, participants have access to AXA’s Remote Crisis Support & Behavioral Health Assistance which offers access to psychological care administered by U.S. specialists including remote assessment, follow up care and continued support during a student’s time abroad.  

Participants have access to Travel Eye which is a mobile platform allowing for push alerts to be sent to mobile devices regarding global events, country risk information, enhanced medical provider searches, and one-click access to AXA operations center if medical or travel assistance is needed.   

Consider trip cancelation or interruption insurance

Participants may want to consider purchasing additional trip cancellation or interruption insurance which allows them to protect their study abroad program. This is at an additional cost and is NOT a program inclusion. 

These types of policies include options to cancel for any reason (CFAR) and interrupt for any reason (IFAR.) Details of the Worldwide Trip Protector Plans with travel insurance underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company, rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best 2019, are available on the Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) website. Students may purchase their plan directly through the CISI website.

Program Cancelation by Global Experiences

  1. In consultation with our insurance provider, GE will consider canceling or suspending an on-location program while it is in session or before it begins if any of the following occur:

    1. The US State Department issues a Travel Advisory of a Level 3 or higher for the program city or country.

    2. The US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issues a statement about a country-specific or worldwide health concern or other incident.

    3. Local government issues a statement involving quarantine, evacuation, or other incident.

  2. If an on-location program is canceled by GE prior to the start date, participants will be able to:

    1. Switch to another on-location program for the same term.

    2. Have their application re-assessed for a virtual program in the same term,

    3. Postpone their program to a future on-location or virtual program. 

Virtual programs from Fall 2020 onward

  1. If the Participant is part of GE's Virtual Internship Program, $500 of the program tuition remains non-refundable at all times. This non-refundable amount funds core services related to the program. Some of these services include, but are not necessarily limited to: admissions counseling, StrengthsFinder assessment, program advising, professional document revision, work put in by the GE placement team, interview preparation, and access to professional and program resources through the online portal. 

  2. Should you cancel your participation prior to having a confirmed virtual internship placement, you will be eligible for a refund of the program tuition less the $500 non-refundable portion mentioned above.

  3. Should you cancel your participation after your virtual internship placement is confirmed, you will not be eligible for a refund of any kind.

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