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After Interning Abroad: How to Stay Connected to your Experience

Jenepher Mackin | August.29.2017

You’ve done it. You completed your internship abroad. You took risks, met new people, learned new skills and impressed yourself with just how much you’ve grown.


Thought getting there was the hard part, right? Packing your bags, remembering your passport, and embarking on this massive adventure. While I applaud you for chasing your dream, you’re wrong. The hard part is just beginning. You have to go home. 

Australian Students Take on Amazing New York Internship Opportunities

Brian Brinkman | June.22.2015

Workforce readiness. Global Skills. Competency Building. These are buzz words thrown about to students and graduates who are looking to gain a foothold in the working world. Like the chicken/egg conversation, how one gains workforce experience, thus making them a successful job candidate without having a job, can be confounding. But there is a solution that many globally engaged students are using to get an edge for their career.

Barcelona: The Great Enchantress

Alex Paisner | October.23.2012

Global Experiences' Barcelona Location Rep Nancy shares her experience moving to Barcelona.

Reverse Culture Shock: Why Coming Home Can Be Hard to Handle

Meghan Tankersley | August.17.2012

Fall is coming. Stores are advertising  Back to School specials, the air is permeated with the crisp smell of earth, college football is gearing up (Go Gamecocks), and many of our GE interns have just returned home from an experience abroad. Coming home from living aboard is exciting, but also incredibly sad. As a GE Intern alumna, I know first hand what it can be like to experience living independently in a new, exciting city and then return back to grind of reality. Now that I am a GE employee I wanted to express my personal experiences and advice for those who may experience reverse culture shock, or re-entry shock.

Spotlight Alum: Kelsey Bradbury

Global Experiences | March.28.2012

When/what/where was your internship? How was it?

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