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As the Inbound Marketer & Lead Storyteller, Meghan wrote a ton of content for Global Experiences. Her blogs cover a wide variety of topics and are packed full of useful information.

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9 Reasons to Consider a Dublin Internship

Meghan Tankersley | December.11.2020


When my colleagues asked me to write a blog about the top reasons to intern in Dublin, Ireland, I was flabbergasted. Did people need a reason to want to go to Dublin?
I've been obsessed with the Emerald Isle since I was a child, and in 2010 I was able to do an internship in Dublin through Global Experiences that helped me accomplish my dream of living there (and the work experience on resume wasn't too shabby either).
Imagine the wind whipping around you as you stand on top of the Cliffs of Moher, or picture yourself in a cozy pub surrounded by new friends with a perfectly poured pint of Guinness in hand.
Ireland needs no selling; she’s perfect. But for those who need a little convincing, below are the top nine reasons to intern in Dublin this year:

6 Reasons You Need to Go Traveling After College

Meghan Tankersley | March.15.2016

Is the joy of graduating starting to fade into stress as you look for your first job after college? We understand how uncertain the future can be, which why we encourage those who aren’t ready to dive headfirst into workforce to consider spending a few months traveling and interning abroad. If interning abroad is not the best option for you, there are still millions of reasons to spend a summer, semester, or year traveling and learning abroad.

Top 5 Reasons You Should be Interning in Shanghai

Meghan Tankersley | March.11.2016

China has become one of the most popular study abroad destinations over the last ten year. Join the hundreds of other students that are experiencing the unique beauty of China with an internship in Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the world’s largest cities with a population of over 23 million and is home some of the most modern (and tallest) buildings, traditional Chinese gardens, and hundreds of fun places to visit and explore. If that’s not enough to convenience you to spend a summer in Shanghai then consider all the great benefits of interning in Shanghai, China with Global Experiences:

Going "On Country" in Australia - Law in Sydney

Meghan Tankersley | February.16.2016

In my line of work in Australia the big deal is going "on country". We are a law firm that works with Aboriginal groups to gain native title over their land. Native title doesn't give the group ownership rights, but it does give them the right to negotiate with mining companies and the State. The groups can negotiate issues of cultural heritage and royalties from mining operations, to name a few.

Drinking Abroad on a Budget

Meghan Tankersley | February.14.2016

One of the best parts about traveling to another city is experiencing the local customs and cuisine, including drinking abroad. Each of our locations has their own rich drinking culture, be it the age-old traditions of wine making in France to the club scenes in New York City. Global Experiences does not advocate drinking to excess, but it’s no secret that most students will spend money on drinking. Below are five tips to help you travel and drink on a budget.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling Abroad

Meghan Tankersley | August.20.2014


1. Learn Language Survival Skills!

It's okay if you’re not multilingual(most of us are not), but learning some basic phrases of the country you're traveling to can be useful and fun!  Learn the basics; things such as "Hello. Goodbye. Thank you. Please. Sorry." can be really useful.  Other phrases like 'want a drink? You're Beautiful! and Crazy!' can lead to lots of fun!

Words from the Intern: A Wonderful Summer Interning in Dublin

Meghan Tankersley | August.12.2014

Below are two emails we've received over the summer from two interns who are finishing up their internship program in Dublin.The first is an email from Morgan, who is a junior studying engineering at the University of San Diego. 

Top 5 Myths About Interning Abroad [GIFs]

Meghan Tankersley | August.04.2014

Deciding to study or intern abroad is a big, and often times scary, decision. Getting outside of your comfort zone is never easy, but don’t let common misconceptions be the reason why you don’t see the world for yourself and gain the experience you need.

5 Pieces of Intern Abroad Advice for Parents

Meghan Tankersley | July.28.2014


Your child has decided to intern abroad and now you have hundreds of questions about what that means and how you can help your child prepare for this experience. The best thing you can do is support him or her on this journey, and we are here to help you do that. Below are solutions to get you and your child  through this exciting and new challenge.

Words from the Intern: Allie in Barcelona

Meghan Tankersley | July.15.2014

Allie is a rising senior at Ashland University in Ohio.  Allie is interning in Barcelona this summer with an organization that helps other NGOs market and promote their cause while gaining funding to implement change.  A month into her program, she had the following to share with us. 

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