The Top 5 Cities for Psychology Internships

Joe Meringolo | November.16.2017

Do you love working with other people? Are you interested in working in a community? Do want to help people who are in need or at risk? Then you’re probably a Psych major!

The Top Cities for Non-Profit Internships

Kristi Philius | August.22.2017

How awesome is it that people build entire careers around helping other people? The Non-Profit/NGO sector can be extremely fulfilling to be apart of if social impact is something you value as a part of your work experience.

Dione's London Adventure

Meghan Tankersley | December.30.2013

Dione is a recent graduate from the University of West Florida and completed a psychology internship in London this fall. Below is a blog she wrote for Global Experiences to share her experience with current, past, and future interns! Like Dione, you too can experience life in London with an internship with Global Experiences by inquiring here

Chrissy's Psychology Internship in London!

Meghan Tankersley | November.14.2013

Chrissy Lushefski, a lacrosse player and psychology major at Dartmouth College, shares some feedback on her time in London so far.  Chrissy is interning at an adult drug and alcohol treatment service in South London, where she is gaining experience working with a wide range of clinical issues relating to addiction, and developing clinical skills in the application of treatment interventions.

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