Health & Safety

    Global Experiences is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all students. We have consistent contact with participants on location and we have support staff available 24/7 to help u learn how to work overseas safely. Global Experiences complies with NAFSA’s Resources for Health and Safety in Education Abroad. In addition, we understand that moving to a new city or country is an exciting challenge that takes adaptation to be successful. For this reason, we offer many of our events during the early stages of the program to increase contact with staff, encourage socialization and bonding as a group, and build familiarity with the host city.


    Safety Abroad

    Global Experiences recognizes the importance of students making informed decisions about overseas travel. We regularly monitor safety and security in each program location and advise students of any risks that would potentially affect them. The information we act upon is based on the recommendations from the U.S. Department of State’s travel warnings, local law enforcement in our overseas destinations, NAFSA, NACE and the World Health Organization.

    Safety Tips:

    • Emergency Contacts – Each intern is required have an emergency contact listed on their application whom Global Experiences can notify in case of emergencies. It is equally as important that each intern keep their contact information updated and have the on-site Location Coordinator’s contact information.
    • Keep Updated – We encourage our participants to read the local and world news to stay informed about potential safety concerns and travel alerts in their host country. Location Coordinators keep interns updated on any information that may affect their welfare.
    • Keep Copies of Travel Documents – We advise that participants make a copy of their passport and keep it on their person while leaving their hard copy passport in a safe place in their accommodations. Interns should also keep travel and medical insurance information with them.
    • Be Smart – Interns are given extensive pre-departure information about their host city and safety procedures, but it is up to each individual to make smart choices like learning local laws and customs, telling others where they are going, avoiding walking alone at night, and keeping valuable items in safe places.

    Standards of Behavior

    Global Experiences has set forth standards of behavior that we expect interns to uphold while participating in our programs. These can be found in our terms and conditions which everyone is required to sign when applying.

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