Updates from Intern Chandi in Sydney

Below is an email written by marketing intern Chandi to Program Consultant Harrison about her internship abroad experience in Sydney this fall. Chandi is currently interning for a fashion company that designs and manufactures womenswear. Her internship tasks include blogging, assisting with creating marketing materials, and managing social media outlets.  Check out the Global Experiences website to see how you too can do an internship in Australia! 

Hi Harrison,

How are you doing? Everything is going great! I'm loving my time in Sydney and we're just about to hit a full blown summer season which is awesome (we don't get a lot of sun in the UK)! My internship is going great, I'm getting the marketing experience I've always wanted. I'm learning new skills like photoshop to add to my CV and I've been heavily involved in all marketing decisions for my company (especially since I'm the only marketer in my office!). I'm ticking off a few things I've always wanted to experience and be involved with in my career such as shooting a viral marketing campaign video/promo video. It is 10am in Sydney right now and later this afternoon we're planning to shoot a girl skate video on BONDI BEACH-I'm so super excited about that! Oh yeah, I didn't mention I work on Bondi Beach and it's amazing! I've made a lot of good friends, and love how they're all based in the states. I love the US and now I have a place to crash in a few of the major cities I want to visit. I'm planning to stay on for a bit with one of the other interns and travel and work for a bit so I can see more of what Aussie has to offer!!

Hope you're all good and thanks again for this amazing opportunity!



I'm making the most out of every day!

To see more updates and photos from the Sydney interns like the Global Experiences: Australia Facebook page and keep checking back here for posts from interns in all our locations!


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