What Career Field is Right For You

Global Experiences offers a broad range of career fields in each of our international internship destinations. Our programs provide you with a unique opportunity to live internationally and gain valuable hands-on work experience. We get to know each intern individually, their background, and future career goals to match them with the best host company possible.

Over the last two decades, we've placed 7,000+ interns with host companies all around the world. Review some of our career fields and past internship placements below. We work with hundreds of companies, and are always opening up new opportunities, so don't hesitate to contact us if you do not see your internship fields listed.

Accounting Internships


Internships abroad in accounting may vary based on location and branch of accounting you’re interested in. See our examples of accounting placements for more information.
Architecture Internships


Internships in architecture cover a range of tasks, design skills, and interests. Review some examples to learn about what you could be doing at your firm.
Business Internships


Understanding the world of business in a global context is essential in today’s global market. See our examples of business internships for a better idea of specific opportunities.
Communications (TV, Radio) Internships


Communications is a diverse field, with placements including TV and film studios, radio stations, and new media marketing agencies. Read our list of internship examples in communications here.
Culinary Internships


Discover more about the world of food with an internship abroad in the culinary arts. Placements can range depending on your interests and skills; see our examples for more information.
Education Internships


Get a different out of classroom view of education with an experience in a learning institution or center. See our list of education internship examples for more info.
Engineering Internships


International engineer internship opportunities range from structural to biochemical and vary depending on your interests and skills. Review the internship examples list for more information.
Environmental Science

Environmental Studies

An environmental studies internship tasks could range from working with policy makers to field research. Review the list of sample placements for an idea of what’s possible for you.

Event Planning

Event Management

Event management is a diverse field, with roles ranging from corporate events, weddings, music and entertainment, and fashion! Review our list of examples to see what event planning opportunities are possible.
Fashion Business

Fashion Business

Fashion business internships include merchandising, buying, styling, marketing, photography and more. Review the list of examples to learn about what you could be doing during your fashion experience abroad!
Fashion Design

Fashion Design

Get the practical international experience you want in sketching, sewing, pattern making, and more with an internship in fashion design. Review the examples list to learn about the range of opportunities available.
Finance / Economics


Get hands-on experience in investment management, equities, and more with an internship in finance or economics. Review our list of finance examples to learn more about this competitive field.
Film & Theater


As with many other fields, an international internship in film and/or theatre will give you a better understanding of not only the global history of the internship, but will also help you gain skills that will put you miles above your competition.
Government and Politics

Government & Politics

Learn about international and local governments with an internship in government. Review our example placements to learn about the range of internships tasks and responsibilities.
Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing / PR

Marketing internships abroad are competitive, and luckily Global Experiences has a massive number of international internships available in each of our global locations.
Art, Art Museums & Galleries Internships

Museums & Galleries

Our international internship placements in art, museums, and galleries all help our interns gain practical skills in a unique artistic environment. Click here for examples of opportunities.
Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design internships can be found in several different industries ranging from marketing agencies to technology startups. Explore the opportunities available to you on our examples page.
Human Resources

Human Resources

With an international internship in human resources, you might be able to assist in the recruitment of new hires, train clients, or work for a consulting firm to optimize employee productivity.


This broad industry within hotels, tourism agencies, and travel companies has plenty of diverse roles for interns around the world. Review our internship examples to learn more about this dynamic industry.
Interior Design

Interior Design

Enhance your design skills and gain intercultural understanding with an internship abroad in interior design. Learn about the possibilities on our examples page.
IT Computing

IT / Computer Science

Working in an international internship in IT and computing and will help you gain valuable insight to an internationally popular industry. Review the sample placements page to learn what’s possible for you.


Journalism interns can expect to work in magazines, newspapers, startups, or agencies. Read more about journalism internship opportunities in our examples section.

Law / Legal

A law internship could be within a law firm, an international organization, or a government entity and will provide you with a unique look into the legal realm. View our list of descriptions to learn more about law placements abroad.
NGO / Charity

NGO / Charity

Unlock your potential with an internship abroad in an nonprofit, NGO, or charity organization. View our various opportunities to see the range of advocacy issues and organizations you could be working in.
Psychology / Social Sciences


Placements in the field of psychology or social services may take place in counseling centers, nonprofits, or organizations. Click here to see the types opportunities available in this diverse and exciting field.

Sports Administration

Sports Administration

An international internship in sports administration is your chance to gain and edge in the sports world. Take a look at the list of examples for an idea of what’s possible in this dynamic industry.
Video Production

Video Production

Give your portfolio an extra boost with an internship abroad in video production. Discover what an work experience in video production looks like by visiting our sample placement list.
Web Design

Web Design

Expand your skills in HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver with an internship in web design. Learn more about the industry and what’s possible by viewing our sample list.

I Don't See My Career Field?

If you don't see what you're looking for, that doesn't mean it's not a possibility! Inquire now and we will send more examples specific to your career fields.

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