Internship Destinations

You’ll find a vast array of international internship programs in various cities across the globe. Select from one of our destinations below and discover the possibilities of interning abroad through Global Experiences.

Barcelona, Spain

Spend your spring or semester living on the Mediterranean Sea in the vivacious city of Barcelona. Home to hundreds of international companies, sandy beaches, and some of the world’s most unique architecture, Barcelona is the ideal place to expand your resume and Spanish skills.

Berlin, Germany

Live and work in Berlin and you will be able to explore a forward-thinking city that has so often been at the heart of world events, but never forgets its historic past. Experience the fascinating capital of Germany with an 8-week summer or 12-week semester internship in Berlin.

Dublin, Ireland

Lose yourself in the lush greenery and rich history of Ireland with a global internship in the bustling city of Dublin. Dublin is a great place to start your career in business, non-profit, communications, marketing, theater, and the arts. We offer some of the best internships Ireland has to offer.

Florence, Italy

Famous for its iconic artwork, Tuscan sunshine, and historic streets, Florence is a beautiful city to spend a summer or semester. Take in the beauty of Italy and gain experience in a field like fashion, tourism, business, gallery management, art, along with business and marketing.

London, England

London is recognized as one of most international and influential cities in the world. The city is packed with internship opportunities in hundreds of industries and an internship in London will be sure to catch any future employer’s eye.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a city where business, government, and culture come together to offer a unique opportunity for an intern. Enjoy everything the vibrant heart of Spain has to offer and gain work experience with an international internship in Madrid.

Milan, Italy

Discover the fast-paced side of Italy with an international internship in Milan, Italy! As the second largest city in Italy, Milan offers internship opportunities in law, hospitality, accounting, business, public relations, and of course, fashion.

New York City, USA

Challenge yourself with an internship in the busy, famous Big Apple. No matter your career field, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for among the packed streets of Manhattan. Our summer internships in New York City fill up quick!

Paris, France

Improve your French language skills and fall in love with the City of Light with a full-time internship in the spring, fall, or summer. Make your dreams and career goals come true with an internship experience that will give you a lifetime of memories!

Rome, Italy

Rome, the capital of Italy, has many of the countries largest corporations and a thriving start-up business scene making it a perfect location for an internship abroad. With a history that spans 28 centuries, Rome has rich culture and insanely beautiful, famous sites.

San José, Costa Rica

Living and interning in Costa Rica will be a hugely rewarding experience. The vibrant capital of Costa Rica, San José, offers incredible internships in business, environmental sciences, engineering, non-profit, and many other career fields.

Shanghai, China

This modern and thriving city is home to over 23 million people and thousands of business, organizations, and agencies. Discover more about yourself and your career with an immersive and international experience in China!

Sydney, Australia

Explore the beauty and culture of Australia with an internship in Sydney. With over 200 days of sunshine, it’s easy to see why so many people flock to the city’s famous beaches and iconic parks every year. We provides amazing internship opportunities in the worlds.

Washington, D.C.

Washington DC is the political center of the world. It is also the center for international internship experiences, attracting students and graduates from both across the country and around the world.

Special Programs

In addition to our normal internship programs, Global Experiences also offers a number of special programs that offer an emphasized look into industries like fashion, business, and more.

Intern in Switzerland

Every program season, our interns around the world take over Global Experiences' Instagram or Snapchat to show you what it's like interning abroad. Check out their videos to see a day in the life of an intern abroad.

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