Fall 2023 internships abroad are also available remotely! Find out more about our Virtual Internship Program.

Fall 2024 Internships Abroad

Differentiate yourself from your peers and pursue an adventure of a lifetime with an internship abroad during fall semesters. 
In a competitive global market, it's more important than ever to have skills, knowledge, and life experiences to ensure a great career after university. Pursuing a fall internship abroad is a great way to have fun exploring the world while gaining the skills and experience you need. Plus academic credit available! Check out the programs below to see where you could be this fall.

Barcelona, Spain

An internship in Spain can take your language skills and professional skills to a whole new level. Live and work in a truly unique city close to the Mediterranean this fall and really boost your résumé.

Berlin, Germany

Work with people from around the world in fields like business, marketing, communications, architecture, and much more. A fall internship in Berlin will be unlike any other!

Dublin, Ireland

Fall 2024 internships in Dublin offer high caliber 12-week internship placements with shared student housing in central city areas, as well as fun excursions and social programs.

Edinburgh, Scotland

An internship in Edinburgh is a chance to immerse yourself in Scotland's culture inside and outside of the internship. Strengthen your professional skills while exploring Europe!

Florence, Italy

Immerse yourself in the heart of Italy's cultural heritage with a 12-week internship and language program in Florence, Italy.

Galway Internships

Internships in Galway are available in diverse career fields including psychology, social services, law, hospitality, and bioengineering. Plus, enjoy Ireland's beauty!

London, England

Put yourself on the map with a fall internship in London, England. With internship opportunities in virtually every career field, the fall 2024, 12-week internship program will impact your life both professionally and personally.


An internship in the fascinating city of Madrid this fall is a way to immerse yourself in the heart of Spanish culture. Internships are available in business, marketing, public relations, fashion, design, and many others.

Milan, Italy

Explore your industry with an internship in Milan in fall 2024. A global hub for fashion, finance, and more, there's no place like Milan, Italy!

New York City, USA

Excellent internships available in New York City during the fall and for a broad range of career fields. Intern with some of the top companies in fashion, marketing, finance, and more.

Paris, France

Daydreaming of Paris? An internship in Paris is hard to come by, but not with Global Experiences 12-week fall 2024 internship program.

Rome, Italy

University students, graduates, and young professionals have the opportunity to work with an Italian organization for 12-weeks, gaining experience in a variety of areas of interest and career fields.

Sydney, Australia

Fall internships abroad in Sydney give you the chance to get big city experience while enjoying all that Sydney and Australia has to offer.

Virtual Internships

In addition to our on-location internship programs, Global Experiences also offers virtual internship programs that offer you global work experience all from the comfort of your home!

Testimonials from our Fall Interns

Julie Q. working on her laptop at her internship in Barcelona

I can't even begin to explain how much this program and internship has positively impacted my life. Not only did I get the wonderful opportunity to explore a whole new world and experience a beautiful culture and make tons of new friends from all around Europe, but now I have impressive job experience under my belt.

Julie Q.

Washington State University - Barcelona

Domonique B. at a beach near Dublin

My experience was very unique and surprising for me. Being immersed in a different culture was already enough to contribute to my professional and personal growth but being exposed to this type of internship allowed me to always think on my toes. Would definitely recommend this program to anyone.

Domonique B.

Salisbury University - Dublin

Grace C. standing on a bridge over blue water in Florence

My internship abroad taught me so much more about myself than I ever imagined. I found how independent and bold I really am. I had the best summer of my life in Paris, France. I would encourage everyone to try something like this for yourself. Find something that’s going to push you to recognize parts of yourself you never knew. It’s totally worth it.

Grace C.

Salisbury University - Florence

Edmond L. surrounded by trees

Interning with GE has provided me with a lasting experience that will last me a lifetime. The program has given me so many wonderful opportunities and helped me expand my global network. I definitely would recommend this type of program to anyone that's even remotely interested.

Edmond L.

Texas A&M University - London

Julia R. walking through the streets of Milan

I had such an amazing experience living in Milan with the Global Experiences program. The program made it so easy to reach my goals of living abroad. They took care of my internship placement, housing, visas, and all the logistics that came with living abroad. I would definitely recommend!

Julia R.

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising - Milan

Alex C. enjoying his internship in New York City

These last three months in New York have been truly memorable and GE has played a massive part in making it all possible. They helped me acquire an internship which truly related to the line of work I wanted to experience. Would I recommend Global Experience? Yeah!

Alex C.

Manchester Metropolitan University - New York City

Mallory T. in a forest outside of Sydney

The internship is a great experience because it really got me out of my comfort zone. I have done some amazing traveling through this trip and have seen, done, and learned so much with my time here. I am very grateful I got to intern abroad and Global Experiences for making this happen for me.

Mallory T.

University of Wisconsin - Sydney

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