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Top 5 Career Fields for Internships in Madrid for English Speakers

Lourdes Arsuaga | September.21.2023

If you're looking for internship opportunities in Madrid but only speak English, don't worry. The Spanish capital offers a wide range of professional fields where you can gain experience and develop your skills, even if you don't speak Spanish fluently. In this blog, we will introduce you to the top 5 standout professional fields in Madrid for internships if you only speak English.

Setting Up for Success Abroad

Guest Author | April.24.2023


How to Prepare for an Internship in Paris, France

Jaderial Staebler | April.12.2023

The city of lights and love, a dream come true. When I finally submitted my deposit to intern abroad in Paris, all the emotions hit me. Nerves, excitement, anticipation. I couldn’t wait to fulfill my dream of traveling to Paris. This wasn’t my first time out of the country, but it was my first time in Europe. I knew I had some preparing to do before I left the states, and I had some help from family and friends, my GE advisor, and my favorite influencers. Inside this blog, you will find all my recommendations from my favorite influencers to follow, best apps to download, and my personal recommendations based on my experiences in Paris.

Living the Italian Dream: Insider Tips for Food, Shopping, and Travel

Guest Author | April.03.2023


Written by guest Author - Xavi Krauss, Alumni of Spring 2022 Internship in Florence, Italy.  


Florence, Italy, is named the magical city for far too many reasons. 

In January 2022, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to intern there with the fashion company, Avavav as a marketer. It is true when they say you will feel at home, especially when you are about to meet new friends and make lasting memories. Here is a guide to some of my favorite eateries, the city's best views, and weekend trips that will make your experience feel like a temporary local and get the most out of your journey!

5 Weekend Train Trips from NYC

Maiomie Rohoo | March.06.2023

One thing about New Yorkers, we love a weekend getaway. Sure, the city is excellent, and you always have things to do but occasionally, we like to trade the hustle and bustle for some peace and quiet.  

Opportunities in San José

Emma Freese | February.28.2023

Want to intern abroad, but not sure where to go? San José offers the opportunity to intern is a range of fields whether you don’t speak any Spanish or if you’re looking to improve your language skills. In a country where 64% of the land is covered in forests and 25% of the land is set aside for national parks, this is the perfect location if you’re interested in a career focusing on environmental sciences, sustainability, or maybe you like living in a city, but don’t want to be far from parks, forests, hikes, etc. Not interested in an internship in environmental sciences? That’s fine too, San José has internship opportunities in non-profits, psychology and social services, marketing, computer science, and so much more!  

Top Reasons to Intern Abroad in Berlin, Germany

Susan Meredith | February.22.2023

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding to intern abroad: Can I intern with a company that aligns with my major?  Will I gain additional skills outside of the workplace in my host country?  Is it really worth it? The answer to all three is YES—and here are reasons why you should consider Berlin, Germany for your international internship experience. 

Arts, Culture, and Creative Industries in Italy: Milan, Rome, and Florence

Susan Meredith | February.21.2023

If there is something that these 3 locations have in common, it is the perfect frame for an unforgettable internship experience. From the museums to the Instagrammable spots, Italy offers a variety of placements related to Art and Culture where you can be fully immersed, bringing your experience from abroad and your appreciative eyes.

You Should Intern Abroad in Sydney, Australia - Here's Why

Jake Graff | February.17.2023

Internships with AIFS Abroad provide you with a highly customized internship placement in one of two approved career fields, allowing you to gain real world, hands-on experience to help prepare you for your future.  If you are committed to adding international work experience to your resume, but aren’t sure where to go, you’ve come to the right place. 

Interning in Lisbon, Portugal

Max Panconesi | February.16.2023

Lisbon is an ancient city of parallels between cultures, global connections, and chance encounters. It has a laid-back, easy-going atmosphere, suspended in time but with the comforts and advantages of modernity. Its accessible prices, friendly people, and historic wealth make an unforgettably rich experience. One wonderful thing to do in Lisbon is to go to the Feira da Ladra, known in English as the Lisbon Flea Market. This magical place is set on high ground in east Lisbon (with a stunning view of the Tejo River underneath), and encompasses hundreds of antique salesmen with authentic souvenirs for every budget, ranging from clothes, books, art, objects and vinyl’s, to exquisite, intricate sculptures, luxury objects and furniture. From there, a short walk down will lead you to the Casa do Bacalhau and other notorious local restaurants for a delicious and traditional meal of Portuguese staples. The Bacalhau em Natas is a must try: a creamy baked cod dish, rich with heavy cream and delicate in taste.

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