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Lourdes Arsuaga

My name is Lourdes Arsuaga, I am the Location Coordinator in Madrid for internships, I am from Madrid, I studied tourism at the University and when I finished I went to live abroad, first I was in Florence ( Italy), then in Chile, in Barcelona and 4 years ago I returned to Madrid, I missed it a lot! I started working for GE almost one year ago and I am happy to show the students about my city as I am in love with Spanish culture.

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Top 5 Career Fields for Internships in Madrid for English Speakers

Lourdes Arsuaga | September.21.2023

If you're looking for internship opportunities in Madrid but only speak English, don't worry. The Spanish capital offers a wide range of professional fields where you can gain experience and develop your skills, even if you don't speak Spanish fluently. In this blog, we will introduce you to the top 5 standout professional fields in Madrid for internships if you only speak English.

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