Top 5 Career Fields for Internships in Madrid for English Speakers

If you're looking for internship opportunities in Madrid but only speak English, don't worry. The Spanish capital offers a wide range of professional fields where you can gain experience and develop your skills, even if you don't speak Spanish fluently. In this blog, we will introduce you to the top 5 standout professional fields in Madrid for internships if you only speak English.

1. Tourism


If you have a skills in customer service, hotel management, tour guiding or events, you can find internships in many tourism companies.

Tourism is one of the main sectors on which Spain depends. Last year, 71.7 million international tourists entered Spain, of which almost 7 million came to Madrid.

The main foreign tourists came from the United Kingdom, therefore, speaking English will allow you to communicate with tourists from all over the world and provide excellent service.

2. Business

V Intern in office Madrid spain 7

Many companies need people with knowledge in business strategy, market analysis, project management, and business development. If you have skills in the field of business and speak English, you will be able to find internships in local and international companies.

3. IT

IT Desk

The field of information technology is continuously growing in Madrid. Many international companies have headquarters in the city and are looking for individuals with skills in programming, web development, data analysis, and cybersecurity. If you have knowledge in these areas and speak English, you will have great opportunities to intern at leading technology companies.

4. Education

Orientation Group

The field of education is also relevant in Madrid and offers internship opportunities. Many international schools and language centers are looking for people with skills in language teaching, academic tutoring, and curriculum development. If you have skills in the field of education and speak English, you will be able to find internships in international educational institutions.

Photo: Lourdes presenting during welcome orientation to incoming summer interns! 

5. Marketing

V Intern in office Madrid spain 9

Madrid is a business and communication hub, making it an ideal place to intern in marketing and communication. Many multinational companies are seeking individuals with skills in digital marketing, social media, advertising, and public relations. Speaking English will open doors for you in this field as you can work with international clients and participate in global projects.

Group Picture in Madrid

Even if you only speak English, Madrid offers a wide range of professional fields where you can intern and gain work experience. Whether it's in information technology, marketing and communication, tourism and hospitality, business, or education, there are opportunities for you. Don't let the language barrier hold you back, take advantage of the opportunities Madrid has to offer, and embark on the adventure of internships in this vibrant city. Good luck!


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