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Budgeting for Internships Abroad

Hailey Morris | January.12.2023

While interning abroad is amazing, it can also be expensive! There are plenty of ways to budget for your experience both before and during your program.

Faith, Spirituality, and Religion Abroad – Joining Your Community

Rebecca Newman | January.10.2023

Congratulations, you are researching the exciting opportunity to intern abroad or perhaps have already enrolled in an internship abroad program!



Researching an internship abroad is a big first step. Part of your research may include how you can practice your faith, spirituality, or religion abroad. At Global Experiences, a member of the AIFS Abroad team, we understand that this question can have a huge impact on your internship and your journey in another country overall. However, whether you practice religion or not, you will be exposed to new beliefs and cultures as part of your experience which will be extremely valuable… so keep on reading! In this blog, I will share some AIDE resources that you might not have realized Global Experiences has available.  

First Generation, First Thoughts

Andrew Parr | January.06.2023

Studying abroad is becoming more and more available to all students at colleges and universities, especially as new and exciting opportunities become available for first generation college students. For the record, studying abroad means you will be taking classes in a different country whether at an international university or a specialized center with local professors and academics.  
But what if, you could do a learning experience abroad that could have a ripple effect on your professional career for the rest of your life?

We See You, We Hear You, and We're Learning to Better Support You

Susan Meredith | January.04.2023


We know the saying “new year/ new you” but it isn’t a new you - it is You.

We aren’t starting over, every day we try to present our truest selves, and every year we ask for our communities to respect us. That’s the goal – to learn, to grow, to change, and accept who we are, the way we are, and live life to the fullest.  

It is our commitment through AIDE- Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity to foster a space that is rooted in respect. Global Experiences, part of the AIFS Abroad team, wants to let you know, we hear you, we see you, and learn more each day on how we can support you. We are educating our staff in new hire trainings, brainstorming in company retreats to make short and long-term goals, holding ourselves accountable to using inclusive language, customizing coordination for accessibility, and most importantly learning and immediately implementing changes when we notice change has occurred.  

Spain Holiday Traditions

Kelsey Norton | December.22.2022


8 Tips for Interning Abroad in Portugal

Kristin Micheletti | December.02.2022


Portugal- Europe's oldest country- is a beautiful, diverse, and geographically small country that has something to offer everyone. Do you want to ride the cable cars up the hills of historical Lisbon? Or catch some of the biggest waves to surf in the world? Or perhaps climb a volcano on the Azores? Portugal offers it all! 

10 Low- or No-Cost Must-Do Activities in Prague

Tessa Lane | December.01.2022


Make the most of your time in Prague without breaking your budget!Prague is a very affordable city full of culture and things to do. Even the most famous sites are super affordable to visit! 

Helpful Insights on Life Interning Abroad in Paris

Madeline | September.30.2022

Say Yes to Sydney!

Maddy Stimac | July.27.2022

About me

Networking: How to Make an Entrance

Melissa Elliotte | July.18.2022

Networking (Ooof!), even for the extrovert – this word can cause some angst. Why do we need to do it and how do we survive or, dare I say, even enjoy it? As you start articulating professional goals, it’s important to identify strengths and weaknesses early when it comes to networking. I’m the kind of person who is great at small talk over coffee or at an event, but cringes in a social media space. For that matter, when and where is it even appropriate to network? And how can you embrace both in person and virtual engagement while still staying authentic to yourself? Let’s dive in and see how the temperature feels and learn together!

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