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Jaderial Staebler

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How to Prepare for an Internship in Paris, France

Jaderial Staebler | April.12.2023

The city of lights and love, a dream come true. When I finally submitted my deposit to intern abroad in Paris, all the emotions hit me. Nerves, excitement, anticipation. I couldn’t wait to fulfill my dream of traveling to Paris. This wasn’t my first time out of the country, but it was my first time in Europe. I knew I had some preparing to do before I left the states, and I had some help from family and friends, my GE advisor, and my favorite influencers. Inside this blog, you will find all my recommendations from my favorite influencers to follow, best apps to download, and my personal recommendations based on my experiences in Paris.

Tips for the First-Gen Intern

Jaderial Staebler | January.25.2023


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