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Interning in Lisbon, Portugal

Max Panconesi | February.16.2023

Lisbon is an ancient city of parallels between cultures, global connections, and chance encounters. It has a laid-back, easy-going atmosphere, suspended in time but with the comforts and advantages of modernity. Its accessible prices, friendly people, and historic wealth make an unforgettably rich experience. One wonderful thing to do in Lisbon is to go to the Feira da Ladra, known in English as the Lisbon Flea Market. This magical place is set on high ground in east Lisbon (with a stunning view of the Tejo River underneath), and encompasses hundreds of antique salesmen with authentic souvenirs for every budget, ranging from clothes, books, art, objects and vinyl’s, to exquisite, intricate sculptures, luxury objects and furniture. From there, a short walk down will lead you to the Casa do Bacalhau and other notorious local restaurants for a delicious and traditional meal of Portuguese staples. The Bacalhau em Natas is a must try: a creamy baked cod dish, rich with heavy cream and delicate in taste.

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