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    Global Networking

    During my childhood, I spent the final days of each summer at the Illinois State Fair with my family.  The journey from the parking lot to the carnival rides was a long one, especially because my dad was a small business owner and the type […]

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  • Global Experiences Charles Bridge London

    Updates from a Psychology Internship in London

    Chrissy Lushefski, a lacrosse player and psychology major at Dartmouth College, shares some feedback on her time in London so far.  Chrissy is interning at an adult drug and alcohol treatment service in South London, where she is gaining experience working with a wide range […]

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  • Facebook Page for London Internships

    Five Reasons to Intern in London This Spring

    London is a thriving metropolis full of thousands of businesses, historic buildings, and fantastic food, which is why it is the most popular study abroad destination.  Have you always wanted to go explore all that the city has to offer, but haven’t been able to […]

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  • Working together Global Experiences

    Creating Your Digital Brand

    My father always says, “Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the newspaper.” Even though my father does not understand most things relating to the Internet or social media he does give some pretty solid advice. We are living […]

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  • global Experiences costs involved

    Investing In Yourself

    Today’s job market is tough. A recent study from Georgetown University Center of Education and Workforce shows that young adults make up a much larger share of the unemployed population than the workforce. Even as the economy continues to rise from the depths of the recession, […]

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    How I Used My Network To Job Hunt

    I am constantly searching for articles about networking to pin, tweet, and share with our interns because networking is (and always has been) vital to job hunting. While doing all this research, I realized that I personally found a few jobs through different forms of […]

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  • Global Experience Florence Wine

    Traveling on a Budget: Drinking Abroad

    One of the best parts about traveling to another city is experiencing the local customs and cuisine including the alcohol. Each of our locations has their own rich drinking culture, be it the age-old traditions of wine making in France to the club scenes in […]

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  • Opportunity

    How To Plan For Your Future During College

    Rich Grant, higher education professional and career advisor, wrote a post on his blog about simple steps for college students to take to begin planning for future careers. We think that these steps are great advice for any student especially for those interested in gaining […]

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  • W curve of culture shock from Global Experiences

    Culture Shock: A Challenge of International Travel Experiences

    Many of our program participants just started their internships in a new country or city. They will get to experience all the novel thrills of traveling like tasting local cuisines and passing by historic castles on their daily commutes. Everyone here at Global Experiences has […]

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  • global experiences

    Why I Chose to Intern in Florence, Italy

    Katie participated in our internship in Florence, Italy in the fall of 2012. Here’s why she chose Global Experiences: The idea of studying abroad always appealed to me. Stories of meeting friends from around the globe, seeing wonders of the world, learning a new language, […]

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