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6 Unorthodox but Helpful Packing Tips for Interning Abroad

Global Experiences | June.27.2016

As boarding the plane to Dublin draws closer, packing has been on the brain. If you’re anything like me you have a love/ hate relationship with packing. The excitement of gathering all of your things to put in a suitcase means that you’ll be traveling somewhere new. It means that you're about to have new and exciting adventures. (I hope so at least). However packing also comes with some stress of internal questioning like; how many pairs of pants is too many? Is it necessary to take a blanket and pillow? Do I NEED to take shampoo and conditioner? What if I forget something? What am I ALLOWED to take?... Now everyone will have different internal conflicts inside of their head, and the answers to the abundance of questions you will ask yourself will all be different too. Remember you know about your own unique travels, what clothes make you feel comfortable, what you use on a daily basis. So trust me when I say, TRUST YOURSELF! You are a strong capable packer.

Drinking Abroad on a Budget

Meghan Tankersley | February.14.2016

One of the best parts about traveling to another city is experiencing the local customs and cuisine, including drinking abroad. Each of our locations has their own rich drinking culture, be it the age-old traditions of wine making in France to the club scenes in New York City. Global Experiences does not advocate drinking to excess, but it’s no secret that most students will spend money on drinking. Below are five tips to help you travel and drink on a budget.

Scholarships and Opportunities to Fund your trip Abroad

Global Experiences | December.11.2015

Planning my trip abroad has not only been very exciting but also a learning experience. In the beginning an obstacle I had to overcome was figuring out how I was going to financially support my desire to intern abroad. How am I going to save the money to live in Europe for two months? Searching for an answer to this question I have found an abundance of opportunities available to help me fund my trip. Some of the options that exist to help financially secure your internship abroad include starting a fundraiser/ campaign, reaching out to family, and applying for available scholarships or loans.

Traveling in Today’s World: Luck Favors the Prepared

Brian Brinkman | December.08.2015

In the wake of the attacks in Paris, we at Global Experiences wanted to share our thoughts and advice on how to best prepare yourself for traveling abroad. While we cannot control things like terrorism or natural disasters, we can all be mindful and aware when we travel to foreign places. Just as we should do our best to be alert of present dangers in our home cities and countries, such as the recent shootings in San Bernadino, CA, preparation is critical to safety when traveling.

Top 7 Ways to Meet Locals while Living Abroad

Augusta Viccellio | May.21.2015

Moving to a new city can be daunting. Not only do you have to adjust to a new way of life and a new routine, but you also don’t have that built in support system that comes with being at home. One of the easiest ways to make a new city more comfortable, is to meet locals and create a solid social network of your own. Below is a list of 7 of the best ways to find friends abroad – no matter where you are!

How to meet locals in Paris (and around the world!)

Jordan Caley | March.03.2015

Jordan Caley is Global Experiences’ location Coordinator in Paris, France.

A Traveler’s Guide: Exploring Ireland During your Internship

Stephanie Perry | January.09.2015

While interning in Dublin everyone will want to also save time for exploring; whether that is within Ireland or branching out into other countries is completely up to you. I participated in a Global Experience internship in Dublin in summer 2013 and I am excited to share my experiences to give you an idea of what traveling in Ireland is like. To start with, Ireland is a small country, about the same size as some small US states; a bus or train ride across the entire country will take no more than three or four hours. Because of that, any city you want to visit in Ireland can be made into a long day trip or a weekend away and it is easy to find somewhere to stay either in a hostel or through Airbnb. Here are the top methods of traveling outside of Dublin and a few little tips that will help you avoid snafus along the way.

Gift List for Your International Internship

Brian Brinkman | December.31.2014

With the holidays just finished and your Global Experiences Internship fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to stock up on gadgets, luggage, and portable entertainment to help you travel with ease, and thrive in your internship. Put all those gift certificates to good use, take advantage of post-holiday sales and prepare for your travels in style! Check out these ten gift ideas, and get an edge on your travels and your internship!

What do I need to know about living in Paris before I go?

Augusta Viccellio | November.25.2014


Living abroad is one of the most important things I have done to date, as you consider an Internship in Paris there are a few things you should know. Living in Paris taught me an incredible amount about myself, it helped open up the world to me. Spending any amount of time immersed completely into another culture can never be a bad thing. There are a few things I wish I had known before moving to Paris.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling Abroad

Meghan Tankersley | August.20.2014


1. Learn Language Survival Skills!

It's okay if you’re not multilingual(most of us are not), but learning some basic phrases of the country you're traveling to can be useful and fun!  Learn the basics; things such as "Hello. Goodbye. Thank you. Please. Sorry." can be really useful.  Other phrases like 'want a drink? You're Beautiful! and Crazy!' can lead to lots of fun!

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