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Living Like a Local in Milan

Kristi Philius | June.16.2017

You’ve done it! You packed up your bags, decided to move halfway across the world, and immerse yourself in Milanese culture. First off, congratulations on being brave enough to pursue this opportunity.

3 Critical Needs to Find a Career You Love

Maybe you’ve heard it since you were three-years-old and wanted to be either a firefighter or a doctor when you grew up. Or maybe you just started hearing it as you counted down the last few months, weeks and days of high school. Soon you are asking yourself, “what should I do with my life?”

An Insiders Guide on Taking Epic Travel Photos

Lauren Plug | May.19.2017

Congrats, you’re on your way to an international internship! If this is your first time or your hundredth time you’ll always want to look back on your memories and well, remember. Whether you’re creating a slideshow for the fam, putting up a Facebook album, or rummaging through your photos, you’re going to want great pics for the long haul.

21 Things to Know Before Interning in Stockholm

Jonathan Rummel | January.30.2017


Deciding to intern abroad is a huge step, one that will differentiate you from your peers and broaden your view on the world. But you don't want to just intern anywhere, you want to make sure that the place you're going fits your goals, your personality and your curiosity.

We believe that Sweden could be right for you. Don't take only our word, however. Check out these 21 points about Stockholm and the Swedish that will help you figure out if this is where you want to intern abroad.

Top 5 Things I Learned About Myself Abroad

Kelly Holland | August.19.2016

Reflecting back on the past few weeks I’ve spent abroad in Dublin, Ireland, I’ve realized that this summer has taught me so much.  From now on, I will automatically refer summer 2016 as the summer I spent interning abroad. My time in Dublin with Global Experiences is something that I’ll cherish forever. I have had some incredible experiences and learned about myself personally and professionally. What exactly did interning abroad teach me? Well, I’m glad you asked! Read along!

4 Bits of Italian Insider Info On Working In Italy

Madeline | July.30.2016

Janissa is a junior at Missouri State University. She is studying fashion business, and this summer she is working in the beautiful city of Florence! The designer for which she works is high-end, personable, and fashion forward.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling to Italy

Stephanie Perry | June.29.2016


Moving to a new city is exciting, inspiring, overwhelming and nerve-racking all at the same time. Before I go to a new place I spend countless hours googling and watching videos from how to pack, things to do in the city, places to eat and so much more. But the internet can only take you so far, you won’t truly understand what it will be like until you arrive.

This is stressful, because now you just stare at your countdown to arrival and wait; then struggle to pack and wait some more. Everyone feels the same way, I promise. Here are some things I’ve learned through my travel in Florence that would have helped me to know before I left.

6 Unorthodox but Helpful Packing Tips for Interning Abroad

Global Experiences | June.27.2016

As boarding the plane to Dublin draws closer, packing has been on the brain. If you’re anything like me you have a love/ hate relationship with packing. The excitement of gathering all of your things to put in a suitcase means that you’ll be traveling somewhere new. It means that you're about to have new and exciting adventures. (I hope so at least). However packing also comes with some stress of internal questioning like; how many pairs of pants is too many? Is it necessary to take a blanket and pillow? Do I NEED to take shampoo and conditioner? What if I forget something? What am I ALLOWED to take?... Now everyone will have different internal conflicts inside of their head, and the answers to the abundance of questions you will ask yourself will all be different too. Remember you know about your own unique travels, what clothes make you feel comfortable, what you use on a daily basis. So trust me when I say, TRUST YOURSELF! You are a strong capable packer.

Drinking Abroad on a Budget

Meghan Tankersley | February.14.2016

One of the best parts about traveling to another city is experiencing the local customs and cuisine, including drinking abroad. Each of our locations has their own rich drinking culture, be it the age-old traditions of wine making in France to the club scenes in New York City. Global Experiences does not advocate drinking to excess, but it’s no secret that most students will spend money on drinking. Below are five tips to help you travel and drink on a budget.

Scholarships and Opportunities to Fund your trip Abroad

Global Experiences | December.11.2015

Planning my trip abroad has not only been very exciting but also a learning experience. In the beginning an obstacle I had to overcome was figuring out how I was going to financially support my desire to intern abroad. How am I going to save the money to live in Europe for two months? Searching for an answer to this question I have found an abundance of opportunities available to help me fund my trip. Some of the options that exist to help financially secure your internship abroad include starting a fundraiser/ campaign, reaching out to family, and applying for available scholarships or loans.

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