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Madeline interned at the Global Experiences' headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland. She loved every minute of interning with GE and learned a lot during her experience.

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Helpful Insights on Life Interning Abroad in Paris

Madeline | September.30.2022

My Work Experience Interning Abroad in Dublin

Madeline | October.11.2016

Val is a junior at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, studying Marketing and Management. Val is the recipient of the Jessica Burns scholarship and will be detailing her journey to Dublin.


My Internship Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

In the past few weeks I have arrived in Dublin and started my internship abroad. I’m slowly learning the differences between Irish and American work culture. A typical work day starts between 9-10 for everyone in the office I work in. However the atmosphere is more laid back so no one is really watching the clock for when anyone comes in. Everyone ends their work days at 5:30pm, unless there’s an Euro game going on, then the office clears out much earlier.

6 Things That Every Summer Intern Needs to Know

Madeline | August.15.2016

Maddie is currently a senior at Lafayette College with a major in International Affairs and Spanish and a concentration in Human Rights and Social Justice and the Middle East and North Africa. She spent her summer working at the Global Experiences Headquarters in Annapolis, MD… and loved every second of it!

4 Bits of Italian Insider Info On Working In Italy

Madeline | July.30.2016

Janissa is a junior at Missouri State University. She is studying fashion business, and this summer she is working in the beautiful city of Florence! The designer for which she works is high-end, personable, and fashion forward.

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