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5 Pieces of Intern Abroad Advice for Parents

Meghan Tankersley | July.28.2014


Your child has decided to intern abroad and now you have hundreds of questions about what that means and how you can help your child prepare for this experience. The best thing you can do is support him or her on this journey, and we are here to help you do that. Below are solutions to get you and your child  through this exciting and new challenge.

Abbey’s Irish Advice and Perfect Internship

Meghan Tankersley | June.26.2014
Abbey is a rising junior at Indiana University. She is studying Human Resources and is completing an internship within a recruiting agency in Dublin, Ireland for the summer. Below is a slightly-edited post from her blog titled Nibbles and Drinks. Follow Abbey's blog to read more about her time in Ireland. To learn how you can do your own internship in Dublin visit the Global Experiences website for more information.

How To Ace Your Interview

Meghan Tankersley | May.28.2014

Interviews are your chance to sell your skills and experiences! They give you the opportunity to land the job you want by allowing a future employer to get a good idea of the person you are, so they can determine if you're a good fit for their company culture. Therefore, it's important to prepare yourself ahead of time so you can ace your interview and leave a good impression for the potential employer. Here are some tips that will help get you ready for your future interview:

How To Dress For Your Internship

Meghan Tankersley | May.09.2014

Determining what to wear during an internship can be a little tricky because it all depends on the employer. However, here are some general tips on business casual attire that will hopefully help give you an idea on how to dress to impress.

Culture Shock: A Challenge of International Travel Experiences

Meghan Tankersley | September.20.2013

Many of our program participants just started their internships in a new country or city. They will get to experience all the novel thrills of traveling like tasting local cuisines and passing by historic castles on their daily commutes. Everyone here at Global Experiences has lived or worked overseas and understands that travel is an enriching and life-changing experience, but it can also be challenging. That frustration often stems from culture shock, but being able to identify the symptoms can help you ease the discomfort and anxiety of living in a new place.

Jon's Guide to Food in Sydney

Alex Paisner | July.29.2013

Sydney is an expensive city. If you plan on eating out every single meal, every single day, you are going to be taking a pretty large financial hit. Eating out in Sydney really comes down to WHERE you eat, and WHAT you eat. Here’s a general rule of thumb: think of eating in terms of real estate. If you have a good view, see the harbor, are on a roof top…expect to spend more than you would if you are on a café near a main road or down an alley. There are certainly exceptions to this, but that is a general rule.

CJ in Sydney

Alex Paisner | December.12.2012


Dartmouth University student CJ Hughes had a business internship at a boutique hotel chain in Sydney this fall. This post is unedited, and direct from the intern.

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