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Stephanie Perry

Stephanie Perry
Stephanie Perry is an alum of the Global Experiences Dublin program and is now an Admissions Counselor at Global Experiences. Having impressed her (hypothetical) Aunt June, she now guides like minded young people towards life changing experiences. She lives to pay it forward.

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling to Italy

Stephanie Perry | June.29.2016


Moving to a new city is exciting, inspiring, overwhelming and nerve-racking all at the same time. Before I go to a new place I spend countless hours googling and watching videos from how to pack, things to do in the city, places to eat and so much more. But the internet can only take you so far, you won’t truly understand what it will be like until you arrive.

This is stressful, because now you just stare at your countdown to arrival and wait; then struggle to pack and wait some more. Everyone feels the same way, I promise. Here are some things I’ve learned through my travel in Florence that would have helped me to know before I left.

How to Make 2016 an Epic Year

Stephanie Perry | March.14.2016


Somehow we find ourselves here again.  2016 has officially started and it’s time to figure out how to make this year exceptional.

Maximizing Opportunity: Why Your College Student Should Intern Abroad

Stephanie Perry | July.09.2015

The popular saying, to get a good job, one first needs a good education once defined what was necessary to secure a good job out of college, but now represents the bare minimum of what is required.

6 Tips To Jumpstart Your Career

Stephanie Perry | May.15.2015


You have just completed your undergraduate degree. This is an amazing feat! Deservedly, you’re relieved. You’ve spent countless hours in the library, studying through the early mornings and into the late nights. Dedicated what felt like years to endless group projects and papers that you thought might break your soul – but you survived. You can look back at all you have accomplished in school, everything building up for this big day and know that you have finally made it.

How I Funded my Internship Abroad

Stephanie Perry | March.12.2015

The moment you start your first part-time job, you experience the thrill of your first paycheck. From that day forward, you are introduced to the concept of adulthood and what it means to take care of yourself, save money, and spend responsibly. A steady income makes us accountable, responsible, and realistic while forcing us to prioritize how that money will be spent.

A Traveler’s Guide: Exploring Ireland During your Internship

Stephanie Perry | January.09.2015

While interning in Dublin everyone will want to also save time for exploring; whether that is within Ireland or branching out into other countries is completely up to you. I participated in a Global Experience internship in Dublin in summer 2013 and I am excited to share my experiences to give you an idea of what traveling in Ireland is like. To start with, Ireland is a small country, about the same size as some small US states; a bus or train ride across the entire country will take no more than three or four hours. Because of that, any city you want to visit in Ireland can be made into a long day trip or a weekend away and it is easy to find somewhere to stay either in a hostel or through Airbnb. Here are the top methods of traveling outside of Dublin and a few little tips that will help you avoid snafus along the way.

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