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6 Things That Every Summer Intern Needs to Know

Madeline | August.15.2016

Maddie is currently a senior at Lafayette College with a major in International Affairs and Spanish and a concentration in Human Rights and Social Justice and the Middle East and North Africa. She spent her summer working at the Global Experiences Headquarters in Annapolis, MD… and loved every second of it!

6 Unorthodox but Helpful Packing Tips for Interning Abroad

Global Experiences | June.27.2016

As boarding the plane to Dublin draws closer, packing has been on the brain. If you’re anything like me you have a love/ hate relationship with packing. The excitement of gathering all of your things to put in a suitcase means that you’ll be traveling somewhere new. It means that you're about to have new and exciting adventures. (I hope so at least). However packing also comes with some stress of internal questioning like; how many pairs of pants is too many? Is it necessary to take a blanket and pillow? Do I NEED to take shampoo and conditioner? What if I forget something? What am I ALLOWED to take?... Now everyone will have different internal conflicts inside of their head, and the answers to the abundance of questions you will ask yourself will all be different too. Remember you know about your own unique travels, what clothes make you feel comfortable, what you use on a daily basis. So trust me when I say, TRUST YOURSELF! You are a strong capable packer.

From Lancaster to Dublin

Kelly Holland | April.02.2016

Val is a junior at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, studying Marketing and Management. Val is the recipient of the Jessica Burns scholarship and will be detailing her journey to Dublin. 

Top 5 Things I'm Looking Forward to in Dublin

Kelly Holland | February.26.2016

Val is a junior at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, studying Marketing and Management. Val is the recipient of the Jessica Burns scholarship and will be detailing her journey to Dublin. 
My excitement and anticipation grows each day as the countdown to Dublin gets closer and closer.  Summer 2016 cannot come fast enough! When I envision my summer in Dublin, I start to think about all of the awesome experiences that I’m going to have in Ireland as a whole. It was a difficult task, but I narrowed down the list to the. Top Five Things I’m looking forward to in my Global Experiences’ Internship Abroad

7 Gift Ideas for the Traveler on Your List

Jenepher Mackin | December.23.2015

Jen Mackin is an Admissions Counselor at Global Experiences. As a world traveler and alum of the London program ('13) she shares her top travel gifts for the new year. Before your intern abroad in 2016, make sure you stock up on this great travel gear! With your next great adventure right around the corner, consider adding some of these items to your packing list!A Travel Journal

Traveling in Today’s World: Luck Favors the Prepared

Brian Brinkman | December.08.2015

In the wake of the attacks in Paris, we at Global Experiences wanted to share our thoughts and advice on how to best prepare yourself for traveling abroad. While we cannot control things like terrorism or natural disasters, we can all be mindful and aware when we travel to foreign places. Just as we should do our best to be alert of present dangers in our home cities and countries, such as the recent shootings in San Bernadino, CA, preparation is critical to safety when traveling.

Your International Internship won’t be perfect. That’s OK!

Global Experiences | June.18.2015

Global Experiences intern Stephanie Mellinger shares her insight on some of the curveballs you might encounter while living abroad, and how to handle them.

The Best Way to Jumpstart a Great Internship Abroad

Brian Brinkman | May.11.2015

So you’ve realized you need an internship, and you know you want to travel, but you’ve got no idea where to start. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

How I Funded my Internship Abroad

Stephanie Perry | March.12.2015

The moment you start your first part-time job, you experience the thrill of your first paycheck. From that day forward, you are introduced to the concept of adulthood and what it means to take care of yourself, save money, and spend responsibly. A steady income makes us accountable, responsible, and realistic while forcing us to prioritize how that money will be spent.

Gift List for Your International Internship

Brian Brinkman | December.31.2014

With the holidays just finished and your Global Experiences Internship fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to stock up on gadgets, luggage, and portable entertainment to help you travel with ease, and thrive in your internship. Put all those gift certificates to good use, take advantage of post-holiday sales and prepare for your travels in style! Check out these ten gift ideas, and get an edge on your travels and your internship!

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