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5 Pieces of Intern Abroad Advice for Parents

Meghan Tankersley | July.28.2014


Your child has decided to intern abroad and now you have hundreds of questions about what that means and how you can help your child prepare for this experience. The best thing you can do is support him or her on this journey, and we are here to help you do that. Below are solutions to get you and your child  through this exciting and new challenge.

How To Ace Your Interview

Meghan Tankersley | May.28.2014

Interviews are your chance to sell your skills and experiences! They give you the opportunity to land the job you want by allowing a future employer to get a good idea of the person you are, so they can determine if you're a good fit for their company culture. Therefore, it's important to prepare yourself ahead of time so you can ace your interview and leave a good impression for the potential employer. Here are some tips that will help get you ready for your future interview:

20 Inspirational Quotes for Graduates

Meghan Tankersley | May.15.2014

As a university graduate, you're entering a world where your future feels both endless and elusive. All of us at Global Experiences want you to know that you're not alone as you embark on your journey into adulthood. Below are 20 motivational quotes to inspire you to achieve your professional and personal dreams after college.

The 4 Stages of Culture Shock... in GIFS

Meghan Tankersley | May.05.2014

You're preparing for your international internship this summer and you got alllll these emotions. Excited, anxious, scured, you name it. Maybe you can't even think straight. Remember folks, be aware of culture shock the four main stages that many, many many travelers experience. Culture shock is the discomfort that comes from being in a new environment, culture, or country. Sit down, strap on your seatbelt, and get ready to learn the four main stages of culture shock.

5 Reasons to Plan Ahead for Your Internship Abroad

Meghan Tankersley | February.27.2014

An internship abroad is a large investment into your time, your money, and your future. We’ve already told you about all the great benefits of doing an international internship, but we haven’t we discussed the great perks of planning ahead to travel abroad.

6 Tips To Find An Internship Abroad

Meghan Tankersley | December.20.2013


The New Year is coming and it’s that time of year to start making resolutions and creating plans for the future. You may have already decided that you need to complete an internship, or that you’d like to travel this year. Why not do both? An international internship is the perfect combination of professional work experience and international travel that will enhance any resume. Deciding to an internship is easy, but finding the right program can be difficult. Fret not, we have complied 6 tips to help you being your search for an internship abroad.

4 Keys to Success as an Intern in London

Meghan Tankersley | December.16.2013

London is consistently ranked the most popular study abroad destination for US Citizens. It’s not surprising that American students flock to London because the city is bursting with iconic buildings, hundreds of museums and parks, history, and multiculturalism. Check out these four keys to success and get started on your own internship in London!

Travel Holiday Wish List

Meghan Tankersley | November.25.2013

The holidays are right around the corner and it is time to start planning your holiday wish list! Instead of the new Call of Duty or pair of UGGs, ask your family for some of these travel must-haves to prepare for your internship abroad.  Don’t have an internship lined up for this year? Add an international internship to your holiday wish list!

Creating Your Digital Brand

Meghan Tankersley | November.05.2013

My father always says, “Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the newspaper". Even though my father doesn't understand most things relating to the Internet or social media, he does give some pretty solid advice. We are living in a digital world and one way or another you are creating an online presence. Even if you don’t really care about social media, you should be aware of how you look online because employers and admissions officers will look you up. According to a 2012 Jobvite survey, 92% of employers currently use or plan on using social media for recruiting. Here are five simple steps to start creating your own digital brand to supplement your internship abroad:

Culture Shock: A Challenge of International Travel Experiences

Meghan Tankersley | September.20.2013

Many of our program participants just started their internships in a new country or city. They will get to experience all the novel thrills of traveling like tasting local cuisines and passing by historic castles on their daily commutes. Everyone here at Global Experiences has lived or worked overseas and understands that travel is an enriching and life-changing experience, but it can also be challenging. That frustration often stems from culture shock, but being able to identify the symptoms can help you ease the discomfort and anxiety of living in a new place.

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