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Celebrating 15 Years of Life Changing Experiences

Global Experiences | June.22.2016


Travel Insight...Take It From Us We've Been There!

Global Experiences | June.12.2015


When you inquire about an internship with Global Experiences, the first person you will speak with will be one of our Program Admissions Counselors - Augusta, Brian, Carli, Liam, and Stephanie . They have all traveled extensively, which has lead them to experience many cultures, try things they never thought to expect and absorb as much knowledge as possible about the locations they have visited. Travel broadens the mind and allows you to see others and yourself from a different or new perspective. They are here to tell you about their experiences: how it has changed them and what they have learned about themselves. They are here to tell you about their experiences: how it has changed them and what they have learned about their home country through travel.

Stronger Through Strengths - Annual Team Retreat

Emily Merson | December.16.2014

We have had another exciting year at Global Experiences in 2014. I always say that change is constant and again we have seen some changes during the year: new locations, awards, record breaking enrollment, and lots and lots of conferences and campus visits.

Changing the World: NAFSA 2014

Carri Orrison | July.31.2014


Global Experiences staff (Emily Merson, Melissa Buerkett-Vivian, Alex Paisner, Kevin Pickett and Carri Orrison) were thrilled to attend the NAFSA conference in sunny San Diego and contribute to the internationalization of higher education conversation. To kick start us Tuesday morning, GE hosted a coffee break. If you missed it, please contact Carri to receive your travel mug and tell us where in the world you’d like to go.

We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for GoAbroad's Innovation Awards! The Innovative New Program Award honors programs in international education that provide students with unique opportunities for learning and cultural engagement. This year, Global Experiences Strengths-based career development program has been selected for it's innovation and proven results. For more details about the Clifton StrengthsFinder and our personalized career development check out the video below:

London for Free: 5 Things to Do That Cost Nothing!

Meghan Tankersley | January.06.2014

You should never utter the phrase, “I’m bored” when living in London. The city is full of great shows, pubs, restaurants, and cultural attractions. However, as any intern will tell you, all of those fantastic events and attractions can certainly add up when on a budget. To help make London a little more budget-friendly, below are five things you may not have known about that you can do in London for free.

How To Plan For Your Future During College

Meghan Tankersley | September.30.2013

Rich Grant, higher education professional and career advisor, wrote a post on his blog about simple steps for college students to take to begin planning for future careers.

10 Years of Internships in Florence: A Love Story

Emily Merson | March.11.2013

Summer 2013 marks 10 years for our Florence Internship Program. I am often asked as one of GE’s two co-founders how we started Global Experiences, who’s idea was it, and why Internships. There is a long and a short answer of course but for me it is simple.

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