London for Free: 5 Things to Do That Cost Nothing!

You should never utter the phrase, “I’m bored” when living in London. The city is full of great shows, pubs, restaurants, and cultural attractions. However, as any intern will tell you, all of those fantastic events and attractions can certainly add up when on a budget. To help make London a little more budget-friendly, below are five things you may not have known about that you can do in London for free.

1. Richmond Park

If the fast-paced life of London is ever too overwhelming, you can spend a day walking around Richmond Park. Richmond Park is located in South West London and is the largest of the Royal Parks filled with ponds, lush greenery, and hundreds of deer. Richmond is the perfect escape from the city life and great for a day of walking, relaxing, and enjoying England’s natural beauty.

2. Markets

London loves markets. There are  for everything you never even knew that you wanted. Craft markets, antique markets, farmers markets, vintage markets, market-markets. Just kidding about that last one, but seriously, you can choose from tons of different places to shop for great gifts and clothes or just walk around. Some of the more popular and larger markets include Spitalfields, CamdenBorough, and Greenwich.

3. Hammersmith Bridge Lower Mall

Located close to the bustling King Street near Hammersmith Bridge, the Furnivall Gardens are a great place to spend time walking along the River Thames without fighting through throngs of tourists. The lower mall of the Hammersmith Bridge offers beautiful greenery and sights of London as well as cute shops and pubs like the Blue Anchor and The Dove.

4. Evensong at Westminster Abbey or St. Paul's Cathedral

Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral are places of worship and those who want to worship will never be charged admission. Both Westminster and St. Paul’s have a weekly Evensong service that are performed by highly trained choirs and are incredibly beautiful.  Check a service out to avoid tours and experience something really unique!

5. The Scoop

 Located on the south side of the River Thames, the Scoop is an outdoor amphitheater that seats 800 people.  Situated between the Tower Bridge and London Bridge, the Scoop has free concerts, films, and events that are open to everyone.

Summer internship in London 

What are some of other places or events you would recommend to future London interns?

photo credit: Richard.Fisher via photopin 

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