Changing the World: NAFSA 2014

Carri Orrison


Global Experiences staff (Emily Merson, Melissa Buerkett-Vivian, Alex Paisner, Kevin Pickett and Carri Orrison) were thrilled to attend the NAFSA conference in sunny San Diego and contribute to the internationalization of higher education conversation. To kick start us Tuesday morning, GE hosted a coffee break. If you missed it, please contact Carri to receive your travel mug and tell us where in the world you’d like to go.

NAFSA-2014-table-300x168-2-1.jpgBetween Hoot-ups, Tweet ups, regional meetings and MIG meetings the staff were kept busy. We formally presented in two poster sessions.  “Speaking 'Millennial': New Media as a Platform for Program Management” was presented at the Technology Fair and “Executing a Strengths-based Approach to Career Development-focused International Internships” was presented at the Work, Internship and Volunteer Abroad (WIVA) poster fair.

We were inspired by many things during the week. The emotional message regarding the importance of education delivered by Michael Frante during his concert on Tuesday night was an uplifting bonus to an amazing concert, the breadth and energy of the participants in the expo hall was invigorating, the variety of networking activities was overwhelming and we could go on. A highlight for our entire team was winning a 2014 Go Abroad Innovation Award for our Strengths-based approach.

Part of Global Experience’s Global Philosophy is that we believe that living and working abroad makes an individual more compassionate and that more global understanding will create a more peaceful world in the future. During the week at NAFSA it is easy to believe that the world can be changed … if nothing else by the sheer energy, passion and dedication of the 10,000 attendees at the conference and the millions of students that will go to them for guidance.

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