Celebrating 15 Years of Life Changing Experiences

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In April and May 2016 we had the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary with colleagues and friends at our home office in Annapolis, Maryland and at the NAFSA 2016 conference in Denver, Colorado. This video captures some of our best accomplishments with our students, our partners, and our colleagues. Sit back, raise a glass, and share in our celebration!

Global Experiences is thrilled to be celebrating 15 years of providing life changing experiences. We celebrate this year with the thousands of people across the globe that have believed in the idea that practical work experience abroad should be a fundamental part of university education.

In 2001 we launched Global Experiences online, joining the online revolution and reaching out to millions around the world. We started in Rome, Italy and soon after expanded to Florence, Milan, Sydney, and London. Global Experiences now offers programs in 10 cities and has over 5,500 alumni.

Throughout the last 15 years we have welcomed hundreds to our GE team around the world, we have launched thousands of careers and innovated with our partner universities to make programs affordable, accessible and award winning.

We are a global family of employees that share our core values and believe the world should be more integrated and globalized and that every young graduate needs a mentor to believe in them. We have built a career development program that empowers people to use their

Strengths and find a career they love and we have laughed and cried with success and failure. We are a team that believes passionately that we are changing the world by helping individuals find themselves, understand the world, and gain important global skills.

We thank all those who have been part of making Global Experiences what it is today. Thank you.

The GE Team

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