Top 5 Myths About Interning Abroad [GIFs]

Deciding to study or intern abroad is a big, and often times scary, decision. Getting outside of your comfort zone is never easy, but don’t let common misconceptions be the reason why you don’t see the world for yourself and gain the experience you need.

1. Everyone does it, it won't make me stand out 

You don't even know

Did you know that 90% of American college students don’t study abroad at all? By deciding to complete an internship abroad, you are differentiating yourself from the thousands of students who don’t study abroad AND from the handful that do. Your resume will reflect your desire to gain global competency and skills you’ve gained.  

2. It's only for college students

How di dyou know that?

There are plenty of opportunities for internships abroad for university students and graduates. Of course, certain visa age-restrictions apply in some countries, but many of our interns are university graduates or young professionals looking to gain international work experience.  If you didn’t have the opportunity to study abroad while in college, it’s never too late to travel!  

3. It’s all about partying

Party Hard

Your internship abroad is going to be what you make it. If you want to spend every night drinking and clubbing until the sun comes up, that’s your choice, but unlike a class in college, you can’t skip out on your internship the next day or you’ll be fired (like a real job).  An internship abroad is going to consist of a full-time internship with hands-on responsibilities along with fun, immersive cultural experiences.

4. It’s only in Europe

Not anymore chief, not anymore

There is no doubt that Europe is still leading destination for American students studying abroad, but it does not mean it is where you have to go.  In fact, China, which has the fastest growing economy in the world, is now ranked the fifth largest host destination for American study abroad students. This lovely planet of ours is brimming with opportunities in every corner, all you need to do is decide where you want to go.

5. Employers don’t care about an internship abroad

Office Space boss

Actually, employers love international experience on your resume. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, “…’more than nine in 10’ employers surveyed said it was important that job candidates "demonstrate ethical judgment and integrity; intercultural skill…. More than 75 percent of employers say they want more emphasis on five key areas, including critical thinking, complex problem-solving, written and oral communication, and applied knowledge in real-world settings."

Now that you know that internship abroad is an experience that allows you to travel and gives you the professional development employers are looking for, why wouldn't you make it part of your higher learning? 

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