6 Reasons You Need to Go Traveling After College

Is the joy of graduating starting to fade into stress as you look for your first job after college? We understand how uncertain the future can be, which why we encourage those who aren’t ready to dive headfirst into workforce to consider spending a few months traveling and interning abroad. If interning abroad is not the best option for you, there are still millions of reasons to spend a summer, semester, or year traveling and learning abroad.

1. You Are Young...Go!

Youth is a fleeting and precious gift that you should take full advantage of it. As a college graduate you have the opportunity, possibly for the first time in your life, to decide how you’d like to spend the rest of your life.  Use that time to go explore new places and meet new people while you have your health and no attachments (like a family or a mortgage).  Oh, and there are hundreds of discounts for student travelers from flights and hotels, to shopping and museums.

2. Transition into "Post-college life" (the real world)
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It’s not easy to leave the comfort of the college bubble. As you graduate you’ll soon discover that you can’t create flexible work schedules or have access to cheap beer everywhere you go. Reality is harsh, but travel can make the transition a little easier. Travel so you can spend time meeting different types of people, eat new foods, and uncover all the unique beauty that the world and its inhabitants have to offer.  So when you return you’ll be ready to face the reality of a full-time job, or you may find you have a calling for something else.

3. Learn a language

The best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in it, and it’s a skill that will benefit you in every way. Not only do employers like to see another language on your resume, but studies have shown that people who are bilingual have stronger abilities to monitor their surroundings, improve memory, and can help prevent or delay dementia.

4. Independence

Yes, going off to college does help you gain a little independence and confidence. However, you’re never really on your own in college. There are tons of support systems in place like friends, roommates and advisors. Traveling abroad, no matter if you decide to backpack, intern, or volunteer, gives you the opportunity to learn how to rely on yourself to solve problems. You not only discover aspects about your personality and how you face challenges, but as you overcome obstacles, those skills you gain will always benefit you in the future.

5. Discover your passions

It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you want to do after your graduate college. You don’t have to determine your entire future right now. Travel is wonderful for those who just need some time to discover their passions. It’s incredible the things you learn about yourself as well as others.

6. Set your resume apart


Travel is great for your resume. Travel after college not only shows that you’ve gained some world perspective, but it shows that you’re ambitious and interested in embracing challenges. Just make sure to market your travel experiences to be relevant to your career. How did travel help shape your personality or professionalism that will benefit the company? You can also use experiences from travel to help answer interview questions about a time you overcame a challenge, your greatest strengths, and your greatest weaknesses. Travel, if nothing else, makes for great stories.

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