Words from the Intern: A Wonderful Summer Interning in Dublin

Below are two emails we've received over the summer from two interns who are finishing up their internship program in Dublin.The first is an email from Morgan, who is a junior studying engineering at the University of San Diego. 

internships in Dublin"I absolutely love it here in Dublin! The city is amazing and the people are so friendly. I've made sure to jam-pack my weekends and evenings with everything that I possibly can in order to see everything here! I can't think of just one highlight, but I loved seeing the Cliffs of Moher, hiking along Giant's Causeway, exploring Belfast, Cork, and some small villages. I've traveled to all of the corners of Ireland... it's so beautiful here! This past weekend, Jacob and I took a few buses and hitchhiked to Lahinch, located on the west coast. We wanted to go to this small village on the beach because the people in that town are known for their good surfing! So, we spent the weekend surfing there. I've had the best luck in terms of weather and traveling through Ireland too. My boss always jokes around saying that I brought the sun from California because every weekend I'm traveling and sightseeing. It's sunny and beautiful outside... which is so rare for Ireland.

I also LOVE my internship. I was worried that I would be stuck making copies and filling papers, which is common for engineering internships at my level. But since the company is small, they can't afford for Jacob and I to just sit around and make copies.They always have several projects going on so everyday is different and interesting. Jacob and I were actually assigned as two of the leaders of one of these projects. For this project, we are working with Logitech to design and prototype portable game controllers that can clip onto any iDevice. Thus we are often going to Cork to meet at the Logitech headquarters down there. We are actually heading down to Cork today to present several prototypes to them that we 3D-printed last week.

It's really cool because I'm learning so much and gaining so much experience. This is especially true since I'm working with a company as big and well-known as Logitech!"


The second email is from Jodie who is going into her senior year at James Madison University. Below is a message she sent to Global Experiences about her video production internship in Dublin and how she feels about her experience so far.


Internships abroad in Ireland"I am absolutely loving it here... the people are amazing and extremely friendly and Dublin is such a lively and welcoming city. I have had the opportunity to travel to the countryside and do some touristy things on the weekends. It is all so breath taking! My placement has been great. They treat me like a full time employee so I have gotten more than my share in experience and have learned more here than I had ever imagined was possible. I am more confident than ever that I have chosen the right field and am much more confident in my ability to land a job in video production after graduation. I could not have been happier with my experience here so far! Thank you so much for inquiring about my experience and more importantly, thank you for being such a huge part in enabling me to partake in such a wonderful adventure!"

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