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As the Inbound Marketer & Lead Storyteller, Meghan wrote a ton of content for Global Experiences. Her blogs cover a wide variety of topics and are packed full of useful information.

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Top 4 Internship Trends

Meghan Tankersley | January.29.2014


As the face of the workplace changes with the increase of college graduates, evolving technology, and use of social media  so will the nature of the internship. Below are four of the biggest trends discussed in that survey as well as what we expect to see in the internship sector in the United States.

5 Free Things To Do in Dublin, Ireland

Meghan Tankersley | January.27.2014

Dublin. An enchanting city full of gorgeous cobblestoned streets, colorful doorways, and rocky coastlines. Although Dublin is one of the more expensive cities in Europe,  there are plenty of free things to from visiting national museums to walking along some of Dublin’s famed streets and rivers. Did we mention that these are all free?

What Should I Do With My Life?

Meghan Tankersley | January.23.2014

When I was four, I asked my mother to sign me up for princess lessons because my goal in life was to become a princess. I knew that you had to practice to be a professional so it only made sense that I start taking lessons. She told me they were full and signed me up for ballet instead because that seemed “close enough”.  Unfortunately, I’m still not a princess (or a ballet dancer for that matter), but it does show that we are asked to think about our careers at a very young age.

5 Free Things To Do in Sydney, Australia

Meghan Tankersley | January.20.2014


Situated between the scenic Blue Mountains and the sandy beaches of Tasman Sea, Sydney is a gorgeous metropolis. This sought after destination has a temperate climate year-round makes it the perfect place to gain professional experience while escaping from the cold winters or the humid summers of home. Due to all of that lovely weather there are some great places to explore in the Emerald City that won’t cost you a thing no matter when you decide to go!

4 Skills You Don't Have Listed on Your Resume (But You Should)

Meghan Tankersley | January.15.2014

The resume is an ever-changing document, and as a college student or graduate, it can feel like you haven’t had the chance to really learn any skills. When applying for internships you want to show employers that you have the experience needed for the position, and you want to use the role as a chance to garner more skills while assisting the company in achieving its goals.

5 Things To Do in Paris For Free

Meghan Tankersley | January.13.2014

The City of Lights is an enchanting, beautiful place filled with endless opportunities for cultural immersion and internships for students and graduates. Paris is bursting with things to do with hundreds of museums, galleries, fine dining, and events, but for someone on a budget all of the attractions in Paris can really add up.The more popular attractions like going to the top the Eiffel Tower or visiting the Louvre are going to cost, but not everything in Paris comes at a premium price. Below are five places to go in Paris that won’t cost you a Euro!

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Internship Abroad

Meghan Tankersley | January.09.2014


Global Experiences has been providing international internships to young professionals for over a decade, and we’ve learned that no two interns are alike. As you plan for your internship abroad,  you are most likely feeling a whirlwind of emotions like stress about packing, excitement about traveling, and nervous about the internship.

London for Free: 5 Things to Do That Cost Nothing!

Meghan Tankersley | January.06.2014

You should never utter the phrase, “I’m bored” when living in London. The city is full of great shows, pubs, restaurants, and cultural attractions. However, as any intern will tell you, all of those fantastic events and attractions can certainly add up when on a budget. To help make London a little more budget-friendly, below are five things you may not have known about that you can do in London for free.

10 Reasons Why You Need to Intern Abroad

Meghan Tankersley | January.03.2014


Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to travel more? Did you make a goal to improve your resume or learn a new skill? If so, why not do an internship abroad this year to meet your travel dreams and gain new professional skills?

We think the reasons to intern abroad are endless, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 reasons why you should put an international internship at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list.

Dione's London Adventure

Meghan Tankersley | December.30.2013

Dione is a recent graduate from the University of West Florida and completed a psychology internship in London this fall. Below is a blog she wrote for Global Experiences to share her experience with current, past, and future interns! Like Dione, you too can experience life in London with an internship with Global Experiences by inquiring here

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