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The 6 Top Cities for your Fashion Internship

Lauren Plug | May.30.2017
Every fashion student dreams of one day living and working in one of the world’s top fashion capitals. Can you see yourself sitting in a cafe in Paris, sketching the street style in your treasured notebook. Or perhaps walking the streets of the Quadrilatero d’Oro in Milan, watching the who’s who of fashion parade the streets during the spring and fall fashion shows. Maybe London is more your style with fast, futuristic designs and the glitz and glamor of this timeless city. Some prefer the body conscious, fashion forward beach wear of Sydney and learning about a totally new fashion style. 

Top 5 Myths About Interning Abroad [GIFs]

Meghan Tankersley | August.04.2014

Deciding to study or intern abroad is a big, and often times scary, decision. Getting outside of your comfort zone is never easy, but don’t let common misconceptions be the reason why you don’t see the world for yourself and gain the experience you need.

Top 4 Internship Trends

Meghan Tankersley | January.29.2014


As the face of the workplace changes with the increase of college graduates, evolving technology, and use of social media  so will the nature of the internship. Below are four of the biggest trends discussed in that survey as well as what we expect to see in the internship sector in the United States.

4 Skills You Don't Have Listed on Your Resume (But You Should)

Meghan Tankersley | January.15.2014

The resume is an ever-changing document, and as a college student or graduate, it can feel like you haven’t had the chance to really learn any skills. When applying for internships you want to show employers that you have the experience needed for the position, and you want to use the role as a chance to garner more skills while assisting the company in achieving its goals.

Creating Your Digital Brand

Meghan Tankersley | November.05.2013

My father always says, “Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the newspaper". Even though my father doesn't understand most things relating to the Internet or social media, he does give some pretty solid advice. We are living in a digital world and one way or another you are creating an online presence. Even if you don’t really care about social media, you should be aware of how you look online because employers and admissions officers will look you up. According to a 2012 Jobvite survey, 92% of employers currently use or plan on using social media for recruiting. Here are five simple steps to start creating your own digital brand to supplement your internship abroad:

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