4 Skills You Don't Have Listed on Your Resume (But You Should)

The resume is an ever-changing document, and as a college student or graduate, it can feel like you haven’t had the chance to really learn any skills. When applying for internships you want to show employers that you have the experience needed for the position, and you want to use the role as a chance to garner more skills while assisting the company in achieving its goals.

Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to intern before you may be surprised by how many skills you’ve gained through your education and part-time positions. Employers want to see the technical skills needed for the role, but just as importantly employers want ensure that you are good match for them culturally and possess the soft skills needed for the internship. Your soft skills, like leadership and likability, should be shown through your experiences and discussed in your cover letter. Use your skills section on your resume to portray software and technical skills relevant to the role.


1. Social Media Skills


Are you familiar with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+? It may seem like second nature for you to use social media so you may not seem to think it as a skill, but companies are using the social networks now to engage clients.

2. Language Skills

It amazes me how often I see resumes from interns who are bilingual that don’t mention that he or she speaks another language. The world is extremely interconnected, especially in business, and knowing another language is only to look good to employers. If you are not fully fluent in a second language make sure you rank your fluency level and provide the scale you are using.


Summer Internships Abroad
London intern, Samantha, using her computer skills during her internships


3. Computer Skills (including Microsoft Office)

Chances are high that you used a computer at some point during your educational experience. All of those software programs that are so ingrained in you are considered skills. If you use any word processing software  (Microsoft Office), creative software (Adobe Creative Suite), and of course any website design and computer coding you know (HTML, Javascript) should be listed.

4. Library/Research Database skills

Remember all of those research papers you wrote during college and the hours you spent pouring over the library research databases? The ability to navigate quickly and efficiently find information in large research and journal databases is a skill that may appeal to some companies and organizations.

Of course, you know yourself and the internship or job that you are applying for. Don’t fill up your resume with irrelevant information or skills. Always be honest on your professional documents and make sure you tweak what experience and skills to be match the position you are applying for.

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