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Melissa Elliotte

REGIONAL DIRECTOR, UNIVERSITY RELATIONS, NORTHEAST Melissa works closely with university partners to support their abroad office needs, agreements, visits, and custom program development. She first traveled abroad at the age of 17 to live with a host family in Belgium for the summer. She returned for 15 more years to study and work in Aix-en-Provence, Deauville, Paris, Limerick, Lugano and London.

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Networking: How to Make an Entrance

Melissa Elliotte | July.18.2022

Networking (Ooof!), even for the extrovert – this word can cause some angst. Why do we need to do it and how do we survive or, dare I say, even enjoy it? As you start articulating professional goals, it’s important to identify strengths and weaknesses early when it comes to networking. I’m the kind of person who is great at small talk over coffee or at an event, but cringes in a social media space. For that matter, when and where is it even appropriate to network? And how can you embrace both in person and virtual engagement while still staying authentic to yourself? Let’s dive in and see how the temperature feels and learn together!

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