Dione's London Adventure

Dione is a recent graduate from the University of West Florida and completed a psychology internship in London this fall. Below is a blog she wrote for Global Experiences to share her experience with current, past, and future interns! Like Dione, you too can experience life in London with an internship with Global Experiences by inquiring here

Interships_in_LondonInterning in London, England was the best experience in my life. I have had a lot of memorable experiences, but this one was the best because it was an experience I chose to do on my own. I interned with a non-profit and the placement was the perfect fit for me. I had the opportunity to be the assistant to the boss, having a say in every decision and project. I love to be in charge and my boss made sure I could do so. This experience has prepared me for the real world in so many ways. Being on my own taught me independence and confidence. When I needed help, I had to be brave enough to ask, which showed me that things wouldn’t always be given to me, but I had to learn how to speak up.  London is the best place to travel into Europe. It is the perfect location for getting around. I was able to learn about different cultures, people, foods, and different styles of clothes, accents and languages. The architecture, castles, spelling of words and the money conversions (definitely taught me how to be wise with my money) taught me how to take advantage of every opportunity. The scenery in Europe is amazing and London is breathtakingly beautiful.

Internships in Paris There is always something to do in London, and the Tube is an experience. You quickly learn how the Tube stations work and how to get to different destinations. Riding the double decker bus, watching people drive on the opposite side of the road and seeing people on bikes constantly or walking everywhere was amazing to me. The weather alone prepares you for a early morning Costa, Café Nero or a Starbucks run! With the cold brushing on your face, you enjoy every little sip of your hot drink! Walking the streets of London and seeing the unique people and places around you make you feel like you’re in a dream. Seeing the Eiffel tower in Paris, climbing Arthur’s Seat in Scotland, visiting the famous Mercedes Benz Museum in Germany, walking into the Roman Baths, circling the grounds of Stone Henge, shopping in Brighton are just some of the amazing things I did in Europe! Seeing musicals like Wicked (my ultimate favorite) and seeing Buckingham Palace, walking through famous gardens / parks like St. James Park, I was living the dream!

International Internships in LondonThis trip was priceless, the memories will stay with me forever, and the people I met and encountered will have a part in my life for as long as I live. I was blessed with the opportunity to embark on this adventure and the pictures I have physically and in my mind will last for eternity. Global Experiences truly made this opportunity a positive, life changing one for me.

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