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Alex Paisner

Alex Paisner
Alex worked at Global Experiences for nearly seven and a half years. While at GE he wrote some amazing blogs that are guaranteed to help any intern.

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Call London Home- Intern on the Other Side of the World

Alex Paisner | July.10.2013


As a student, it would be a pretty safe bet to assume that during your studies you have wasted an hour or two of your time dreaming of traveling the world, of seeing faraway places, meeting new people, and experiencing things outside of your traditional comfort zone.  You’ve probably even spoken about uprooting and trying your luck over in the UK on a gap year, as this would allow you to see Europe and best of all, have a roof over your head.

That Time I Met the President of Ireland While Interning in Dublin

Alex Paisner | July.08.2013

Global Experiences intern Brian Hess is a rising senior at Virginia Tech. He shares his experience meeting the President of Ireland through his non-profit internship in Dublin this summer!

Internships Abroad: Myths Decoded

Alex Paisner | July.01.2013

When students begin to think about studying or interning abroad, a lot of thoughts pop into their heads. Traveling to a foreign country as a student is a challenging, but  rewarding experience that will give you a leg up as an individual as well as in your professional career. It's important to do some research and separate the truth from stories you may have read or heard about before weighing in on your decision to go abroad.

Interning in Dublin: A Return to Ireland

Alex Paisner | June.25.2013


Me in Portugal!

Do I Actually Live Here? My London Internship

Alex Paisner | June.20.2013


Platform 9 3/4 is part of my daily commute!

International Internships - Why I Pay it Forward

Alex Paisner | June.14.2013

Alex Paisner is the Marketing Director for Global Experiences. He has traveled throughout the world, and is an alum of the Global Experiences Dublin Program.

An Internship, Your Point of Difference

Alex Paisner | April.24.2013


For years you've been putting in the effort to achieve good grades. First it was at school, now you’re doing the same at university or college. You even know what it is you want to do when you finish your studies. However, have you ever stopped to think just how you are going to get a head start in your career?

International Internships: Taking you across the world

Alex Paisner | April.09.2013


Home Sweet Sydney!

Alex Paisner | March.18.2013


Global Experiences Program Consultant Carlie Kidd had a life changing experience in Sydney. 

One Week Down in London

Alex Paisner | March.15.2013

London Global Experiences intern Lauren McCurry is spending her Spring doing a marketing internship in London. Here is her week 1 update!

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