One Week Down in London

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London Global Experiences intern Lauren McCurry is spending her Spring doing a marketing internship in London. Here is her week 1 update!

Lauren McCurry Big Ben

Wow, I love my job! My first 3 days were great. They let me jump right in on promoting for their upcoming exhibition, Craft Central Gets Hitched, which is a huge handmade wedding fair full of all kinds of amazing designers. It is March 21st-24th. I worked on promotions the past 3 days, and also have been updating posts on their Facebook and twitter pages.  I'm so excited about all the things I will get to be a part of, learn, and see while I'm there. Next Wednesday there is a marketing network conference on cross promotion for London that they asked me to go to and I can't wait to go and see what that will be like. Already have a pen and notepad ready in my purse!

The office here is so different from an office back in the U.S. It is ONE room. Yes, one room with 6 desks pushed together and 6 computers and we all work together in there. People would drive each other nuts back in America if they all shared one office. They are all such sweet people though and have no problems at all. I think so highly of each of them already.

Tea is such a HUGE thing in the UK and I tried my first UK tea at work. They make tea every 2-3 hours and they made me a cup with milk and sugar and it was instant love as everything has been for me and London. I now drink tea with my coworkers every tea time. I love their accents and how every time someone gets up to get a tea they say "Time for a tea. Anyone want a tea?" and then the replies come..."Yes, please, I'll have a tea." "oh yes, a tea sound great please. thank you" "tea for me please". You only get the full affect if you read that in a polite British accent. I love it!

Lauren McCurry London

I have continued to do more sightseeing and I had a great day of shopping today at the West End mall. It was very successful and my feet were killing me. I Skyped mom, dad, and Katelyn tonight and I got to show them all my purchases. I loved the fact that I can do that thanks to technology because my favorite thing to do after a great day of shopping is show someone what I bought!! =) Ashtin ran in for a little bit too so I got to see her too. So happy Skype exists so I can actually see my family while I'm out of the country.

I feel like I have been all over the city already and yet I feel like I have a million more places to go see before I have to leave. Today marks ONE WEEK of living in London!! HOORAY!! I have loved every second of it. Every day I feel more confident here and enjoy it more. I love the city, the people, the accents, the food, the buildings, the fashion, the history, the coffee and tea, the busyness, the beauty, and so much more. I am loving London and so thankful for my first week here.

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**UPDATE** Lauren graduated from the University of Louisiana and now works in executive account management at a firm working with Fortune 500 clients.

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