Internships Abroad: Myths Decoded

Alex Paisner

When students begin to think about studying or interning abroad, a lot of thoughts pop into their heads. Traveling to a foreign country as a student is a challenging, but  rewarding experience that will give you a leg up as an individual as well as in your professional career. It's important to do some research and separate the truth from stories you may have read or heard about before weighing in on your decision to go abroad.

1. I won't graduate from my university on time if I intern abroad and I can always travel after I graduate.

In actuality you can probably earn almost as many credits abroad as you would at your university. While abroad you'll fulfill credits toward your general education requirements, major or even a minor in that country's native language. Global Experiences will work with your university to ensure that you get as many credits as possible out of your time away. As a student, it's prime time to travel. Once you get locked into a career, it can be hard to take time away from your job, bills and responsibilities. Plus, internships abroad allow you to experience the typical day-to-day culture which is the best way to truly immerse yourself. On the other hand, as a tourist you're pretty much seen as an outsider.

2. I don't know any foreign languages. I'll have to go to an English-speaking country.

Don't let this hold you back! Global Experiences provides you with intensive language training at the beginning of your program. If you are more advanced in the native language of your city, you'll be placed into a level that fits your background. What better place to practice the language you're learning than in a real-life workplace? Transitioning from the language class to your internship really is a great way to utilize the language you're learning.


3. I've heard going abroad is one big party, I won't learn anything.

Despite what stories you may have heard, this couldn't be further from the truth. As an intern abroad you gain very unique experience and skills in your specific field of study. Aside from the awesome career development, your time overseas will allow you to showcase incredible traits to potential future employers. Adaptability in new situations, the ability to overcome adversity, responsibility and drive are characteristics that will get you ahead in the real world post-graduation. Out of a tall stack of resumes an employer has to go through, having a degree as well as international work experience on your resume will put you at the top of the pile. GE also offers career development and support with everything from cover letters to interview preparation.

A window of opportunities is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Inquire about internships abroad today!

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