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As a student, it would be a pretty safe bet to assume that during your studies you have wasted an hour or two of your time dreaming of traveling the world, of seeing faraway places, meeting new people, and experiencing things outside of your traditional comfort zone.  You’ve probably even spoken about uprooting and trying your luck over in the UK on a gap year, as this would allow you to see Europe and best of all, have a roof over your head.

If you are reading this and nodding, then chances are you have not yet jumped on board that ship, perhaps because you are not that interested in living in a boarding school for a year – maybe you are studying Film and Theatre and have no interest in schools – or perhaps you figure that if you are going to work overseas you would be better off doing it in your career of choice, rather than as an interim teacher. Whatever your reason, did you know, there is a way to live overseas and work in your chosen field, earning valuable experience which future employers will just love?

The solution is to apply for an internship. Working as an intern you will gain fantastic exposure to your industry, make some amazing new contacts, gain valuable experience and potentially best of all, travel to the other side of the world to take up an internship opportunity. London is just one of dozens of cities looking for suitable interns ready to ply their trade and learn at the same time.

Why London is a Great Opportunity

London probably needs no introduction; after all it is one of the largest capital cities in the world. Home to the Queen of England, pints of lager, Abbey Road, and the birthplace of some of the world’s biggest rock bands, London has more than its fair share to offer. But more than this, London also offers would-be interns a plethora of fantastic life experiences;

  • Seeing some of the biggest names in show business acting on stage in the West End Theatre district
  • Visiting the iconic Notting Hill markets
  • Attending a Premier League football match
  • Seeing the top players of the world battle it out at Wimbledon
  • Eating a tasty meal in one of the dozens of curry houses on brick lane
  • Watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
  • Ducking across the English Channel for a weekend in mainland Europe
  • Drinking (warm) pints of beer

But an internship in London is not all sightseeing, London is also hot spot of business activity, meaning the opportunity for interns is very high. Though it is often referred to as the financial capital of the world, finance and accounting internships are far from the only options available. There are currently intern opportunities in nearly 2 dozen different industries ranging from fashion to HR, and Architecture to Psychology.

Hyde Park

London Calling!

Sure, the opportunity to gain experience in your preferred field is very appealing, but we know it's only one part of the equation. We ask our interns to provide feedback on their internship experiences, and what we hear back is as diverse as the number of different internship types we have available. However, the trend that seems to come out time and time again is that our interns learn more than what they thought possible. In fact, many interns end up sending applications for working visas, as they loved the experience that much!  As Megan G. (USC student) recently said after her time working in Journalism,

"This internship was by far the greatest experience of my life. I will forever have memories of my time in London and I'm so lucky to have been a part of the Global Experiences program. The people that I met through my internship, as well as those I lived with will forever be friends of mine and I owe it all to this fantastic internship!"

So whether you are after a life experience or just more work experience, by taking up an internship in London you will have the opportunity to achieve both. And just as importantly, you will gain the insights, network, and experience to help you stand out from other potential candidates when it comes time to landing that next job!

 For more information about Internships in London, visit the Global Experiences page here
Want to do a virtual internship in London? Check out our GE Virtuoso page!

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