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An Intern's New Year's Resolutions

Kelly Holland | January.05.2016

Val is a junior at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, studying Marketing and Management. Val is the recipient of the Jessica Burns scholarship and will be detailing her journey to Dublin.

Scholarships and Opportunities to Fund your trip Abroad

Global Experiences | December.11.2015

Planning my trip abroad has not only been very exciting but also a learning experience. In the beginning an obstacle I had to overcome was figuring out how I was going to financially support my desire to intern abroad. How am I going to save the money to live in Europe for two months? Searching for an answer to this question I have found an abundance of opportunities available to help me fund my trip. Some of the options that exist to help financially secure your internship abroad include starting a fundraiser/ campaign, reaching out to family, and applying for available scholarships or loans.

Top 7 Ways to Meet Locals while Living Abroad

Augusta Viccellio | May.21.2015

Moving to a new city can be daunting. Not only do you have to adjust to a new way of life and a new routine, but you also don’t have that built in support system that comes with being at home. One of the easiest ways to make a new city more comfortable, is to meet locals and create a solid social network of your own. Below is a list of 7 of the best ways to find friends abroad – no matter where you are!

6 Tips To Jumpstart Your Career

Stephanie Perry | May.15.2015


You have just completed your undergraduate degree. This is an amazing feat! Deservedly, you’re relieved. You’ve spent countless hours in the library, studying through the early mornings and into the late nights. Dedicated what felt like years to endless group projects and papers that you thought might break your soul – but you survived. You can look back at all you have accomplished in school, everything building up for this big day and know that you have finally made it.

Part II: Why You Need an International Internship

Brian Brinkman | March.09.2015

Last week we gave you the top three reasons why you need an international internship on your resumé.. We hope they help you to take this important step in your life and career!

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling Abroad

Meghan Tankersley | August.20.2014


1. Learn Language Survival Skills!

It's okay if you’re not multilingual(most of us are not), but learning some basic phrases of the country you're traveling to can be useful and fun!  Learn the basics; things such as "Hello. Goodbye. Thank you. Please. Sorry." can be really useful.  Other phrases like 'want a drink? You're Beautiful! and Crazy!' can lead to lots of fun!

7 Reasons to Spend Your Summer in Washington, D.C.

Meghan Tankersley | April.17.2014

Every summer, Washington D.C. becomes the mecca for internships for those interested in politics, law, and non-profits. It is one of the most powerful cities in the world and is full of opportunities for those who can take the heat and are eager to learn.

How To Make Your Resume Better in 6 Easy Steps

Meghan Tankersley | March.31.2014

Let’s be honest, creating a resume is a daunting task. It seems that everyone you speak to has a different opinion about formatting and what should be included in your resumé.  Your resumé is a reflection of you, so it’s okay if it doesn’t exactly fit into every mold, but your document still needs to look clean and professional. Below are six easy rules to follow when crafting your professional resume:

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Internship Abroad

Meghan Tankersley | January.09.2014


Global Experiences has been providing international internships to young professionals for over a decade, and we’ve learned that no two interns are alike. As you plan for your internship abroad,  you are most likely feeling a whirlwind of emotions like stress about packing, excitement about traveling, and nervous about the internship.

6 Tips To Find An Internship Abroad

Meghan Tankersley | December.20.2013


The New Year is coming and it’s that time of year to start making resolutions and creating plans for the future. You may have already decided that you need to complete an internship, or that you’d like to travel this year. Why not do both? An international internship is the perfect combination of professional work experience and international travel that will enhance any resume. Deciding to an internship is easy, but finding the right program can be difficult. Fret not, we have complied 6 tips to help you being your search for an internship abroad.

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