7 Reasons to Spend Your Summer in Washington, D.C.

Every summer, Washington D.C. becomes the mecca for internships for those interested in politics, law, and non-profits. It is one of the most powerful cities in the world and is full of opportunities for those who can take the heat and are eager to learn.

Internships in DC

1. Networking

If House of Cards is any indication, DC is a city full of powerful people.  Of course, not every politician is like Frank Underwood, and there are people you’ll want to meet. An internship in DC is a great opportunity to meet people in your industry and connect with other ambitious young professionals. Take advantage of all the networking and social events that DC organizations offer to make lifelong connections.

2. City Life

Our DC interns live in George Washington University’s student housing, where you’ll not only be surrounded by other GE participants, but you’ll meet tons of other interns. There is no end of entertainment to find in the District from bars and restaurants, baseball games, free movies on the lawn, and hundreds of cultural museums and events. You can even check out the intern section of the Washington Post for budget-friendly ideas on what to do.

3. Independence Day

No other city in the United States celebrates the 4th of July quite like DC. Imagine being in the heart of the nation’s capital as fireworks light up the sky and cast shadows over historic monuments. Join in on the massive festivities on the national mall or find one of the hundreds of parties around the city.

4. Be Part Of The Club

DC is very aware of how many interns flood to the city. Interns are as much of part of the city landscape in the summer as the Lincoln memorial or White House. You will become part of a community of students and young professionals that understand the frustrations of the metro, knows the best happy hours, and appreciate the glory of a late-night Shake Shack trip.

Internships in DC

5. Central Location

If you’re feeling the need to leave the city for a bit, DC makes it easy to get to other locations around the east coast. You can hop on a train and spend a day in Baltimore (or Annapolis where the Global Experiences office is located!), or take a bus to NYC for a weekend. DC locals often like to spend a weekend away on a sandy beach like Dewey Beach in Delaware or Ocean City in Maryland.

6.  Name Recognition

Washington DC is a recognizable city on an international level. Employers will take notice that DC is on your resume, especially if your other experiences are in your home or college town. It shows that you take initiative and are willing to explore a new place to get the competitive edge you want in a career.

7. Culture

As the capital of the United States and home to hundreds of international embassies, organizations, and nonprofits, DC has a very unique and multinational culture. Through museums and heritage trails you can uncover secrets and facts about American history. The culture of DC is more than just treks around iconic monuments, it is international dining, art exhibits and festivals, and seen on every unique and diverse face of the people of the city.

What are you waiting for? Get started now to spend your summer in the capital of the United States and get the professional experience you want on your resume!

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