Travel Holiday Wish List

The holidays are right around the corner and it is time to start planning your holiday wish list. Instead of the new Call of Duty or pair of UGGs ask your family for some of these travel must-haves to prepare for your internship abroad.  Don’t have an internship lined up for this year? Add an international internship to your holiday wish list!

 1. Luggage (with wheels):

You are about to live in a brand new city for 2-3 months and chances are high that you are going to try and shove enough clothes into your luggage to last you 2-3 years. If you do not have any luggage now is a perfect time to ask for some with wheels so you can roll it next to you or behind you in the airport and hallways of your new home abroad!

GE Favorite: We recommend looking at affordable and sturdy luggage at places like TJ Maxx


2. Versatile waterproof jacket

Image from L.L. Bean

No matter what city you will be interning in this year you can bet that it will rain at some point. Every traveler should have a waterproof jacket that is comfortable, easy to carry, and will keep you dry.GE Favorites:

3. Backpack (carry on size for weekend trips)

Image from Eastern Mountain Sports

A real camping backpack that is carry-on size is fantastic for any travel experience and will last you for years. Even if you do not plan on backpacking after your internship ends, you will want a backpack with you for your weekend trips to other cities or countries.

GE Favorite: Eastern Mountain Sports Long Trail 

4. Water bottle with built in filter

In all of our locations it is safe to drink the water, but you never know where you may decide to go on your travels. Bringing a filtered water bottle will save you tons of money on plastic water bottles and will keep you hydrated after partying walking tours.

GE Favorite: Camelbak Groove

5. Travel guides/phrase book

Travel guides can give you ideas for activities and events in the city and they are great for learning more about cultural and historical references and hot spots. If you are traveling to a non-English speaking location like Paris or Barcelona you will want to read up on some common phrases. Depending on your language skill you want even want to ask for language learning software like Rosetta Stone.

GE Favorites: Lonely Planet and Let’s Go

6. Camera:


Even if you consider yourself to be an expert phoneographer you will want to consider taking a nicer camera so your pictures will be higher resolution. During your time abroad you will see some breathtaking sights and those are memories you will want to treasure forever.

GE favorite: Nikon D3200 DSLR 

7. Cross body purses/passport holder

Petty theft is common in most major cities. An over-the-body purse will make it harder for thiefs to get to your money and IDs.  A passport holder is also a handy travel item for men and women to keep their passports, IDs, and plane tickets in one safe and convenient place.

GE favorites:

8. Travel adapters/converters:

You are going to have electronics that you will be plugging into European, American, or Australian outlets. You will probably want 2-3 power plug adapters and/or converters. They can be pretty cheap and make great socking stuffers! Remember if plan on traveling to a different country you will need different adaptors.

GE favorites: Just make sure you find the converter/adapter for your country. Amazon always has a large selection.

9. Flight points:

Frequent flyer points and credit card flight reward programs can be used as a gift with no extra expense to gift giver. Those rewards could be used for your flight to your internship location or used to fly to other locations on weekend trips or after the program ends.

10. Money:


Money is always beneficial. Save up as much money as possible so you can fully take advantage of the city by eating local cuisine, visiting museums and castles, and taking weekend trips to explore new towns!

These are just a few great items to have handy when traveling abroad. What other items would you add to your travel wish list?

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