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Why You Should Intern in a Start-Up

Emily Merson | January.13.2015

Peter Ballagh is Global Experiences' placement director in Dublin, Ireland. Here he lends his expertise on the advantages of start-up internships.

Stronger Through Strengths - Annual Team Retreat

Emily Merson | December.16.2014

We have had another exciting year at Global Experiences in 2014. I always say that change is constant and again we have seen some changes during the year: new locations, awards, record breaking enrollment, and lots and lots of conferences and campus visits.

Salisbury University President visits Global Experiences Interns

Emily Merson | December.09.2014

Lead by example. Model the results you expect. Just as successful CEOs and leaders of corporations cultivate their missions and strategic plans towards company goals, successful University Presidents also lead by modeling the kinds of bold leadership that inspires students on their campus.

Changing the World: NAFSA 2014

Carri Orrison | July.31.2014


Global Experiences staff (Emily Merson, Melissa Buerkett-Vivian, Alex Paisner, Kevin Pickett and Carri Orrison) were thrilled to attend the NAFSA conference in sunny San Diego and contribute to the internationalization of higher education conversation. To kick start us Tuesday morning, GE hosted a coffee break. If you missed it, please contact Carri to receive your travel mug and tell us where in the world you’d like to go.

Why We Love (and Use) the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment

Meghan Tankersley | April.03.2014

We love the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment. We’ve mentioned it in a few posts, we provide  it to all of our participants, and we even divided them into the Divergent factions. You know that we love the assessment, but we haven’t told you why we think it’s important for people to be aware of their natural talents.

Lessons I Learned From Interning Abroad

Emily Merson | March.18.2014

In January 1998, in the summer before my last semester of my BA degree in Political Science and Science and Technology Studies at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, I did a 3-month internship at the United Nations in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was experience that changed my life in so many ways and set me on a path that has lead me to a place I could never have expected.

International Internships - Why I Pay it Forward

Alex Paisner | June.14.2013

Alex Paisner is the Marketing Director for Global Experiences. He has traveled throughout the world, and is an alum of the Global Experiences Dublin Program.

Stephen Reilly joins Fulbright Association as Executive Director

Global Experiences | January.10.2013


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