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Since June 2020, hundreds of students have participated in Global Experiences’ virtual internships around the world. The GE Virtuoso program has helped students gain valuable work experience from the comfort of their own homes.

We work with employers in over 27 countries including Uganda, the Caribbean, Switzerland, India, Lithuania to provide life-changing, impactful experiences. Many of these employers are non-profit or for-purpose organizations doing amazing work that makes a difference in people’s lives and around the world.

Have you thought about working in the non-profit sector? If you’re interested in international relations, social justice, the environment, or human rights, then working with a non-profit organization is for you – a place to learn skills and build an interesting career that attracts future employers.

What makes the non-profit sector great is that you can learn the same skills required in the corporate sector and support outcomes for people or causes that need it. Learn while giving.

Non-profit organizations need your help and skills. They all need accountants, finance, HR, marketing, and social media expertise. All of which you can do remotely!

If you are a digital native in the marketing space, then you can really learn and contribute at the same time. Surely that is what an internship is all about!

Non-Profit Virtual Internships

We’ve had students intern with non-profit organizations in Sydney, Australia. Their focus is to empower children in poverty through education in Africa. Sounds worthwhile?

What about contributing to climate action and environmental sustainability with a company in San Jose, Costa Rica? Or child health or improving the rights of women with a company in Barcelona, Spain.

One of our most recent virtual non-profit internships is with a company in the Caribbean. Watch Katherine’s takeover video below to hear what it’s like!

So, what does an intern do in a virtual non-profit internship? It can be researching and gathering information, to social media and using stories to create change, to assisting with accounting or fundraising, and much more.

It’s about developing commercially relevant skills while making an impact.

Imagine you are interning with a non-profit promoting the sustainable development of food around the world. The aim of the internship was to document and compare agricultural practices in different regions. They see prolonged drought, flooding, plastic waste, and the increased use of chemicals in agriculture resulting in damage to native biodiversity and environmental damage. By conducting research, through education and lobbying, they believe it is possible to drive change.

Who do you think is the right person for this kind of assignment? It turns out that an environmental engineering student is having a great experience diving into this area. He is sharpening his research skills and putting his analytical capability to great use and hasn’t looked back.

At Global Experiences, we love to see people wanting to be a part of change while keeping a focus on developing their skills and experience. It’s wonderful to see so many students taking an interest in organizations with a mandate for social change while gaining valuable work experience and trying something new at the same time.

What’s in this for you as an intern besides skills? You can work with organizations in your state or on the other side of the world. Your colleagues may have completely and utterly different lives from yours.

It can be very fulfilling to work with organizations that offer life-changing opportunities. Whether it’s through education, raising funds, supporting volunteers on the ground, or offering skills to support the facilities in different corners of the world. What you will be part of is something that aims to achieve change for the greater good.

Getting out of the classroom and contributing to an organization is an empowering experience – even if you are doing it from 10,000 miles away. Why not build a career in a different way from everyone else?

Non-profits are a great place to work, and they need your help. They will appreciate your help and will support you to learn new skills in a changing setting to make you more adaptable and stand out to future employers.

What stands out to employers is a story with heart and real-life impact. Let’s start your journey of change.

Apply for a non-profit virtual internship today!

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