Words from the Intern: Graphic Design Internship in London


Melissa is currently living in London, England and is a graphic design intern for a fashion label. Below is a post from her personal blog about her first day at work and some of her experiences in London through Global Experiences

"After having a good night's rest, I was ready to venture on my first full day in London. I hit the gym after weeks of skipping out and it's pretty decent here in the student housing including everything to get a good work-out. Around noon, Ariel, Tinisha, and I headed out in search for a phone provider where we could get sim cards.

On the way we stopped to grab lunch at a Pret A Manger which is a natural food chain and I remember eating a lot sandwiches from there when I was here before. Ariel and I got our phone activated with UK sim cards and are good to go. We were in need for apartment necessities so we walked into a dollar store and got my typical breakfast food of instant oatmeal at Sainbury's (like a Safeway).

While Tinisha and I got separated from Ariel, we started heading back to the housing to make our 2:00PM orientation. Hands full of grocery bags and a large drying rack, we got lost heading the opposite direction - it was hard to recognize which way we came since the streets forked and are so similar. Showing up fashionably late we met with the rest of the group in the screening room where we got to officially introduce ourselves to the other interns.

Internships Abroad in London

We are all in different fields: graphic design, nutrition, fashion photography, law, merchandising, social work, and aquarium architecture. Mallory and Sarah gave a presentation about how our Top 5 strengths (mine being Includer, Developer, Arranger, Learner, and Empathy) will benefit us in our internships. It's great how they're here to guide us in improving our cover letters and resumes for future jobs as well as give us advice on what to do in the city.

For dinner we took a short tube ride to a pub in Green Park and I tried something different! A scotch egg which is a hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage meat then deep-fried. It was time to act like a total tourist as we went on a night sightseeing tour on a double-decker bus with my DSLR camera in hand. It was incredible to see and fun to capture the amazing architecture, streets, and landmarks all lit up until it starting raining.

Luckily we got to enjoy a majority of it outside on top. Back at the station we went to go see Platform 9 and 3/4 but the cart was taken out for the night! Oh well, we have plenty of time."


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