Why I Want to Intern in Dublin

Kayla is currently interning for Global Experiences in the main office to help her prepare for an internship in Dublin, Ireland. Kayla is attends Anne Arundel Community College and is interested in marketing and event planning


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When deciding which country I wanted to go to for my internship, I knew right away Dublin, Ireland was where I would choose.  Since I’ve never been abroad, I felt like Dublin would be a great place to start. I have been told Ireland is an easier country to transition to from the U.S. because it is English speaking and has a somewhat similar culture. Most other countries have language barriers, so they would be harder for me adjust to. Eventually I would like to travel to these other countries, but Ireland is first on my list of places to go. Another reason why I chose Dublin is because I am Irish and would love to see and experience where part of my heritage came from. That being said, having an internship in Dublin seemed like the perfect place for me because it is an easier transition and allows me to gain professional experience in a place that I am most interested to learn more about.

After talking to some of the Dublin alumni and doing a lot of research, I have learned a lot about Dublin city and its work culture. Dublin is described to have a more comfortable and relaxed work environment, yet employees are still driven to get the job done on time. The people in Dublin are also known to be extremely friendly and welcoming. This is exactly the type of environment I want to live in and be a part of. Compared to Dublin, the U.S. work culture can be more demanding and fast-paced, which is why I am so eager and excited to experience working in a different setting. I have also learned that the city has a lively music and theater scene, which interests me a lot because I love Irish music have always wanted to experience this part of the Irish culture. Another reason why I want to go to Ireland is because I find it to be such a beautiful country and there are many places I would like to visit, such as Glendalough and Kilkenny. Luckily, both of these places already have planned excursions included in the program for Dublin, which is a huge bonus. Overall, I think Ireland would be the most beneficial to me and that is why I chose it as my location for my internship.

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