The Start To a Great Summer

As we enter into July, some of our interns have been having a pretty amazing summer so far. We have interns in 10 cities across the globe working in range of industries from fashion business to international law. Here at Global Experiences, we are always thrilled to see positive feedback from our employers and our interns so we wanted to share some of the great things our interns are doing this summer:

London Summer Internships

"Sooooo why is London just absolutely AMAZING! The food, the culture, the accents...the beautiful men.. (yes I happen to have observed that too!) Everything! On top of it all I work for an amazing British Fashion Designer who is the epitome of INSPIRATION. This is the best post-grad decision I could have ever made. So thankful for such an opportunity." -Je'Coven N. 






In Paris, the interns got to see the French National Soccer Team before they left for the World Cup!

"I'm doing real projects! It's a recruiting company so I'm conducting lots of searches and inputting people in to databases so its perfect for me because I want to work in Global HR so its great experience and I love them!! They buy my lunch every day and are just awesome people to work for.  My boss set me up to tour the GOOGLE HEADQUARTERS IN LONDON!! She's friends with the lead recruiter there so when I go there in 2 weeks I get to tour it and then next week is Project Moda in Italy!!" -Abbey S. 







On her first day of work, Vivien C. was flown to Brussels for a conference and meetings. She was also given her own work email address, phone number, and business cards.

summer internships in Barcelona"Here at the Agency we are all the team delighted with him! He is a hardworking guy, educated, proactive and excellent partner. He has adapted really well in to the work place. We are really happy with the decision to work with your company, and as the experience is being so nice, we will work together in the future. Thanks to all your team for all the help." -Feedback from an employer about Bryson B. in Barcelona 











Our interns in NYC and DC have been doing taking advantage of social events in the city like bus tours, hiking, and enjoying rooftop bars!

Check out our Facebook pages for more photos and videos of all the great things our interns are doing this summer!

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